Online Writing Tools That You Must Know About

In the case that we had to pick a phenomenon that is growing in influence the fastest, we must choose the phenomenon of the internet. The reason we will be choosing the phenomenon of the internet is that it is being used by more people than not in the world now. In fact, there are more than five billion users of the global network as per the Internet World Stats –  a statistics research company that has been known for publishing quality stats regarding the network of networks. Serving such a large amount of people also means that the supply infrastructure needs to be large. And that is the reason why there are more than seven thousand internet service providers just in the United States of America. We are not the ones saying this actually; these figures are from one of the most credible sources on Planet Earth – the World Factbook of the Central Intelligence Agency. By internet service providers, we mean brands like Comcast Internet that have been ensuring the provision of the network of networks to their subscribers. 

Today, we are going to be exploring how the internet relates to another very important phenomenon in the world – writing. In specific, we will be exploring the ways in which one can improve their writing through the use of online tools. For this purpose, we will be looking at some of the most famous writing tools and will be going ahead and telling you about them. 


The first writing tool we will be discussing is Grammarly. Grammarly helps people correct their mistakes related to as the name implies grammar. Alongside this, it helps people make sure that all their punctuations and sentence structures are fine. It does not only identify all of these mistakes but it also helps you correct them through the use of resourceful suggestions. It is because of all of these things that Grammarly is recognized as one of the best tools for writing on the internet. There is also a paid version of Grammarly. First, we will tell you what the unpaid version does and then we will be discussing what the paid version does. 

Unpaid Version

The unpaid version of Grammarly helps you with a lot of things. As we have touched upon earlier, it helps you with identifying and rectifying grammatical mistakes.

Paid Version 

There are many ways that the paid version differs from the unpaid version of Grammarly. We must give a clarification however that the paid version offers everything the unpaid version offers plus much more. These things include checking for plagiarism for times that you had paraphrased something already published online. Another thing that Grammarly Paid helps you with is that it gives various suggestions on what alternate vocabulary you can use in a sentence. Also, you can get useful advice on how to cite quotations. Obviously, this goes without saying but you can also get additional suggestions about the grammatical mistakes which you got help with to a lesser extent through the Grammarly Unpaid version. 


Copyscape is one of the most in-demand writing tools in the world. It is known to be a plagiarism checker and is used for checking if too much similarity is not between the writings. For everyone thinking about mistakes in writing, one of the biggest mistakes made is indeed the fact that the writing ends up being too similar to another piece of writing. The thing about Copyscape is that in these dire times when people are running short on money, Copyscape will give people the opportunity to check for plagiarism for a very affordable price. 


Quillbot is an artificial intelligence tool that helps you paraphrase a certain passage. This is for search engine optimization purposes as the business of search engine optimization often involves pushing content on a mass scale. What Quillbot does is that it allows you to have many articles published without having to put much effort into. Isn’t that awesome?! A lot of people search engine optimization experts seem to agree with us when we say this. 

Wrapping Up

For now, this is it. We will be talking about more later. 

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