Why do Naruto fans hate their own anime so much? OP and Bleach fans have so much affection for their anime but all I see here are complaints and ” plot holes ” which are things they didn’t pay attention to or it just didn’t go how they wanted it to

Why do Naruto fans hate their own anime so much? OP and Bleach fans have so much affection for their anime but all I see here are complaints and ” plot holes ” which are things they didn’t pay attention to or it just didn’t go how they wanted it to

Why do Naruto fans hate their own anime so much? OP and Bleach fans have so much affection for their anime but all I see here are complaints and " plot holes " which are things they didn't pay attention to or it just didn't go how they wanted it to

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  1. I have this cover as a resin. It’s my holy grail piece. (I just posted it to this community, take a look!)

  2. Right you get downvoted to hell in those subreddits for a slight criticism especially bleach but here you get upvoted for a criticism that is actually wrong

  3. Firstly, i dickride for this series. I adore it, faults and all. That out of the way.

    There’s 2 things to consider.

    Bleach –

    1. The Naruto subreddit is almost 4 times greater in magnitude. Their are a lot more people giving their opinions here, and only really the hardcore fans are on their sub.

    2. Bleach fans catch it from everywhere and everyone. So they are less likely to tolerate in fighting or “degradation” from fans of the franchise.


    1. OP fans think that Oda is the second coming of Christ and that OP is the Divine word of God. You cannot convince them otherwise. Any attempt to point out a flaw is considered blasphemy of the highest order and will be met with public shaming, followed by a stoning alongside a full monolog as to why OP is clear of your favorite anime.

    Naruto fans are in the middle. Naruto is far bigger than bleach, yet smaller than OP. We are the only fanbase of the big 3 to see our franchise fully realized in anime form, and that opens us up to a lot more criticism. It’s much easier to critique a finished work than one that is still unfolding.

    This is doubly true for OP, although I’d wager many people who watched bleach growing up never read the ending in the manga.

    Despite all of this, i feel like we should be more positive of this series, despite it’s flaws, because we all love it so much.

  4. I think I now why.

    So Naruto, One Piece and Bleach are incontestable the most mainstream anime, but there this weird phenomenon with Naruto, it became even more main-stream than it was before. Like, tiktok is full of Naruto. There’s a lot of instagram reels with Naruto. I’ve never seen so much contect on these platforms for One-Piece and Bleach.

    That creates a very weird type of audience, meaning those people who never watched the anime or read the manga, they only know it from 30 second videos on instagram and tiktok and ocasionally from some youtubers they follow.

    Which means they have no idea what the story is lmao, hence they say it’s “plothole” because they 1) don’t agree with the decisions a character made, 2)don’t understand what the point of an even was, 3)staight up don’t know what they’re talking about.


    TLDR: Naruto fans don’t actually read/watch Naruto.


    LE: Also, Naruto got Boruto, which everybody and their mother hates.

  5. I don’t hate Naruto. But I kinda feel frustrated about it because of all the fillers, all the “could have been”, and also Kaguya and because of Boruto.

  6. The Naruto subs are like an echo chamber where people parrot the same criticism 24/7 as if it made them feel like they belong.

  7. I can’t really say anything about Bleach (I haven’t watched it yet) but most One Piece fans don’t like or even hate the anime. XD

    Most people who like it or even love are anime only watchers.
    There are a lot of people who read the manga (probably millions) but not as much as everyone who watches the anime worldwide. And the hate towards the anime adaption mostly also isn’t biased.

    Most people who hate it hate it because of it’s inconsistency. In regards of the pacing and animation/art style.
    I personally still love the anime (even if I also read the manga) but I’m also biased towards it. 😀
    I have rated it 8/10 on MAL and Anilist.🤔
    (And the manga is a 10/10 for me ^^)

  8. That’s a big generalization for the 1,000,000+ subs here, maybe consider walking that statement back to a question.

    The majority like it, many love it. Just like anywhere else on the internet with a lot of exposure, controversy sells so you’ll see plenty of hot takes.

    Look deeper though and you’ll see most people fondly remember parts of this show constantly. It’s also not bad to point out flaws in a show you like, for the purposes of discussion and it seems pretty logical for such a popular show to attract an array of opinions.

  9. People sometimes tend to forget that shounen anime is made specifically for kids. So when they see something they dont like or things not going the way they want or expect, they become very expressive about their opinion online.

    This random 9 year old watching Naruto on a Sunday morning didn’t sit on Reddit all day and read fan-made theories about who tf Tobi was, but 23 year old Brian did and now he’s disappointed.

    But in all seriousness Naruto has a pretty big fanbase and is more mainstream so its bound to get more praise and critism.

  10. i think it depends on the fans

    like i just enjoy watching it and i dont really care about the parts that others think lame or bad

  11. You’re so right. Plus all I ever feel like I see in here lately are posts talking about shipping. I mean what is this? Tumblr? Look, Sasuke and Sakura are a thing, Naruto and Hinata are a thing. It’s done. Get over it. At least the IchiRuki cult in Bleach seems to have for the most part to have accepted reality and moved on, instead of constantly complaining about how they still can’t believe Kishimoto did this and how he’s so wrong.

    People should be happy that they got a storyline/series that has ran for so long, instead of one or two seasons or a few books. Then again, Reddit itself is such a thin slice of any fan base segment, it forgets that there’s a much bigger group of people who have just watched and read and quietly enjoyed it from the start and know how to like something without over analyzing it to death and making up issues that aren’t there. Sometimes all this place does is unfortunately give the unhappy people too much of a platform, and they just try to dominate the overall direction of conversations. Anymore, I just come in here for the potential of finding decent fan art to change up my wallpaper.

  12. I didn’t dislike any of part 1 or shippuden when I first watched so I was super surprised when I found out a lot of people criticized the show so much

  13. This sub makes me physically cringe so much and a lot of it comes from this. The sheer lack of reading comprehension and understanding of the story that enables then to feel involved or relevant is so wild. Then they turn rabid and condescending when they cant understand they’re wrong. I imagine it’s mostly 10 year old here

  14. It’s because Naruto is a lot of people’s first anime and they never understood OG Naruto so when they watch Shippuden they nitpick it. It’s not as though Naruto is extremely complex that you have to be smart to understand it you just have to pay attention to what Kishimoto wanted to say

  15. I kinda like the deep discussion and arguments you can get into because of how you interpret the story and motivations of the characters. It’s thought provoking and can be seen from many angles.

  16. The anime for all 3 aren’t very good, especially One Piece’s. You can skip a lot of the filler for Naruto and Bleach, but for One Piece they pad out the episodes in a way making it very difficult to skip.

  17. You are allowed to dislike parts of something you love and also wish it did something else. Naruto has issues. It’s talked about. But so is what people love too.

    It’s both here and talked about. I see equals amount of praise, fair critiscm, and like you said, unfair or misunderstood criticism where folks got something wrong.

  18. Naturally those people are going to be the loudest. I have some complaints about a few things that happened but they are few and far between. This show was my first anime and I have followed and loved it ever since I began watching it all those years ago

  19. It’s most probably people who read / watched Naruto recently rather than people who grew up watching it. Same thing with Dragon Ball.

    These kind of people wonder why others love something so much and try to find as many bad things about it as possible. Mine is not liking Orihime not for the same reasons a lot of people do

  20. its the new age of anime fans that try and act like critics so as to seem different from the others,i have seen people dickride boruto and shit on naruto just to be different from the fanbase and point out insignificant points to help their agenda.this is not exclusively to the naruto sub but all anime.and op fans always call out oda if he drops out unecessary bullshit and will rant for it for long eg wano opened wounds that still havent healed for people,dont know about bleach though

  21. i don’t get it either. everyone wants to nit pick on the stupid small things, they forget to realize the overall amazing story presented. no story is perfect to the end. of course there’s going to be some inconsistencies in a 700 chapter story.

  22. Because as a clever tiktoker put it a couple days ago, they misunderstood part 1 as kids, and carried those misunderstandings while watching part 2.

  23. People just hate Naruto because it’s the #1 anime even though there are some inconsistencies and it’s not as “deep” as something like AoT or the animation isn’t as clean actual fans actually care

  24. This is a good thing, though? Don’t get me wrong i agree that most criticisms miss the point but do you see the cringe other fanbases say like One Piece and HxH? They legitimately think these works are god-given masterpieces.

  25. I mean look at how many “useless Sakura” posts there still are. At this point I think most detractors are children looking for easy internet points, or they actually never mentally developed past their early teens.

  26. This is just something I noticed in my country, I don’t know if this is true for others as well. A few years ago, anime was looked down on as something for kids or weirdos, but recently it has changed and anime has become very popular here. Naruto and DBZ were the of the first anime to break through this barrier. What does this have to do with the question? Well… this new generation of people who watched naruto don’t take anime too seriously yet, so they don’t pay much attention to the plot or anything really, I know people who only watched naruto because it became “cool” to do so. It became so popular that people lie about having watched it, which is insane, these are the people who watch naruto on tiktok.

  27. Well, one reason is that the Naruto fanbase is illiterate as hell.

    Feels like half actually thinks that Sakura was serious about her “love” confession to Naruto and they write that off as a bad writing on Kishimoto’s part.

  28. Honestly, it makes the Naruto fanbase look slightly more respectable. Being critical of what you love is not a bad thing.