Average “High value woman” of FDS

Average “High value woman” of FDS

Average "High value woman" of FDS

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  1. Just respond with “theft is not morally justifiable” anytime someone tries to take the moral highground to justify their shitty life choices.

  2. People who are found guilty of paternity fraud should lose their own parental rights and have to pay back all of the money they swindled!

  3. Sounds like a troll account. Ya know, spew stupid inflammatory non sense to get a ride out of people. Rage baity. Like Fox “news” entertainment programming. See how many can be brainwashed into being disgusting.

    I hope so anyway. Who could advocate for such BS and be in their right mind? Nobody.

  4. If the man has other (actual) they will suffer from that loss of income/opportunity. But these folks only think of themselves.

  5. First of all you cheated bitch and that hurts than I find out during some medical emergency I’m not even related and can’t help the child i raised and loved

  6. Men contribute to helping single moms by paying our taxes to invest in affordable housing for single parents, supporting quality child tax benefits, foodstamps, increasing the mimimum wage, fighting discrimination in the workplace, providing quality mental health services and community resources to help them out, and by helping our family members and neighbours who have children to take the load off of them if we have the time to help out. We do not help single mothers by having individual women lying to Rob individual men. Just like giving random black people a few hundred bucks isn’t going to solve racial disparities and the racism that has caused and continues to be fueled by the outcomes of those disparities.

  7. Back in the 1990s in Washington state – all children of a married woman were legally the offspring of her husband. Guess how I found out?

    File for divorce rapidly.

  8. Good old FDS, it’s okay to hurt men because they are men. Femcels literally cannot see their own self destruction.