Restaurant Owner Berates Customers For Not Tipping Their Servers Who Work For $3 An Hour, Faces Major Backlash Online

Restaurant Owner Berates Customers For Not Tipping Their Servers Who Work For $3 An Hour, Faces Major Backlash Online

Restaurant Owner Berates Customers For Not Tipping Their Servers Who Work For $3 An Hour, Faces Major Backlash Online

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  1. Tipping culture weirds me the fuck out. In germany you tip if the waiter was good, the food was nice or any other reason. Paying more for food because you had a good time essentially. But having to tip because the waiter cant afford food then? Thats fucked up

  2. I like the he’s patting himself on the back for giving them 87 cents more than he legally has to.

  3. This is total bullshit… I know it’s easy for me to say over here in England but pay your fucking staff properly. I do not understand why this is still an issue in America. I own a bar, wanna know how to get rich doing it? Make your bar the best place to work. Good wages, good benefits etc. Treat your staff like you would your own family. My waitresses can’t do enough for me or my business because it’s like their home. And they don’t wanna work anywhere else. Everyone thinks I’m a saint and I make money because I get the best out of my staff. Being a decent fucking human being isn’t hard and making other people’s lives better will benefit you way more than it will them, in the long run.

  4. A lot going on here.

    Knowing owners are exploiting their staff, tip-time isn’t the time to make a moral stand. Just dip in your pocket and help your fellow human.

    But also,

    Tipping is bullshit. Fair wages should be enforced and any restaurant that can’t survive, oh well,

    Guarantee there’s another waiting in the wings that will figure it out.

    Stop subsidizing shitty business practices.

    Let shitty businesses die.

  5. “i own the place and work there *and* i don’t pay myself anything, so it’s totally okay for me to steal the girls’ tips.”

    *Get the fuck outta here*

  6. Owner is confrontational and abrasive. Must be a joy to work for. People should quit eating there and really give this blowhard something to rail about.

  7. “Why aren’t you customers giving my staff free money? I pay them a completely unlivable wage so you should be responsible for their pay. No I wont raise their wages, you should feel bad and give away your money so I dont have to.”

  8. I work at a fly-fishing lodge in New Mexico.

    Owner pays Servers $14/hr plus built-in gratuity- with customers often leaving cash on top of that.
    Everybody loves it here.

  9. The employer is obligated to make up the difference to these servers if their wage plus tips don’t meet federal minimum wage

  10. If you are going to tip, you need to secretly tip your server, because then you know that money is going to them. Not divided between the owner and them.

  11. Wow, I can’t believe how he’s telling customers off for “being stingy” while he pays their workers 3usd/hr… Like my dude, please hear yourself out and pay your workers livable wages, their are working their asses off for your business.

  12. Owner translation: I exploit poorly paid people so my business is more profitable/viable, and I expect customers to pay tips so the staff won’t quit. To look for a new JOB(Just over broke) position.

  13. “WHY AREN’T YOU GUYS PAYING MY EMPLOYEES?! I sure as hell don’t want to pay them, so it’s obviously on YOU to pay them, you selfish pricks!”

    This is so insane.

  14. The whole tip system should go. Pay restaurant workers a decent wage and work it into the price. It’s not fair to the server or customer

  15. So basically he is saying he wants the customers to pay his employees because he doesn’t? That’s really weird to me.

  16. Fun fact, not paying yourself a wage as the owner is considered tax evasion by the IRS and state DORs.

    You are avoiding paying payroll taxes (15%) in exchange for pass through business taxes (often 0% at the low end).

    Claiming trips is also often a means of avoiding taxes by under reporting

    Source: Former auditor.

  17. If you own a bar and can’t afford to pay yourself or your workers, you’re doing it wrong.

  18. why do people continue to work for slave wages is beyond me… cheappo owner should be paying at least min of $15 an hour, and staff keeps all their tips… $3 an hour might be good in 1970 but this is 2022 man…

  19. Pay my workers as I pay them absolute garbage and then I can further skim off the top. Maybe don’t run a restaurant if you can’t pay a livable wage.

  20. Having worked as a busser, runner, and server in the restaurant industry, I know how important tips are in order to make ends meet, first hand. I made minimum wage + tips, and in my state (like many others, I’d assume) minimum wage simply does not cut it. That being said, the fact that, here in the US, customers are expected to pay for a business’s employees’ wages, is frustrating at best and corporate greed at worst. Customers are literally paying for a business’ employees’ wages. Let that sink in.

  21. The full article. “Restaurant Owner Berates Customers For Not Tipping Their Servers Who Work For $3 An Hour, Faces Major Backlash Online | Bored Panda”

  22. You’d think telling ppl not to eat there at all if they’re not gonna tip is a bad way to run a business.

  23. 3 dollars and hour? Fuck!!! Who the hell would want to work like that? The entire idea of tips is immoral and should be illegal. You want to own a restaurant, well there are labour costs associated with it. You need to pay for said labour. Any tips they get, should be additional bonus, an optional gift from the customers. It shouldn’t be a mandatory bullshit excuse to underpay your staff.

  24. I’m in Australia and tipping is only for exceptional service, our servers are paid a living wage our prices are still affordable for a night out. My couple of trips to the US tipping was so foreign to me and had to ask how much to tip, even the hairdresser wtf

  25. I refuse to go eat somewhere that requires that I pay part of their staff’s wages or benefits. The fact that the owner can get away with paying someone $3 an hour or less and passes the rest of the employees wage to the customer is outlandish. How did this happen? Where does the money go if the owner says that they don’t pay themselves? Sounds like a serious accounting problem or lies.

  26. I don’t care what someone is saying, the moment they misuse “your” I immediately disagree with their point.

  27. Wow. I knew it was bad in america but not 2.17/hr bad. Minimum wage in australia is like 10x that.

    If its not clear, its a way to both disguise the fact that prices are 20% more expensive than marked, but more importantly it allows the business owner to not be held responsible for actually paying a reliable livable wage.