Of you wanna read a well done ending read Kaguya -sama

Of you wanna read a well done ending read Kaguya -sama

Of you wanna read a well done ending read Kaguya -sama

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  1. I would but whenever I watch/read comedy/slice of life/romance animes/Mangas I get really bored and personally I really liked the TR ending but if anyone can recommend any animes/mangas like TR (action/sad) I’d really appreciate it

  2. They’re not even remotely similar though. Kaguya-Sama is a romantic comedy, while Tokyo Revengers is a time travel story.

    This would be like going to an Attack on Titan subreddit and saying “if you wanna read a well done ending, read Konosuba”

    (side note: I don’t actually know how good the ending of Konosuba is, because I haven’t read the light novels yet. I just assume it’s pretty decent at least, because I don’t see many Konosuba fans complaining about it)

  3. I guess you don’t know how Kaguya’s latest arcs were received; the endings’ levels are pretty even for me honestly (and anyway the series aren’t comparable).

    If you wanna read a well done ending read:
    – Yugami-kun ni wa Tomodachi ga Inai
    – Silver Spoon
    – The Duke of Death and his Black Maid
    – Jumyou wo Kaitotte Moratta. Ichinen ni Tsuki, Ichimanen de.
    – Vigilante: Boku no Hero Academia Illegals
    – Hinomaru Sumo
    – Haikyuu!!

  4. It still felt kinda rushed towards the end trying to close everyone’s arcs last second

  5. Strong disagree here. Tokyo revengers last arc wasn’t as good as the others but it was the last 3 chapters that were bad in my opinion.

    Kaguya-sama, in the other hand, had a good ending (just the last chapter) but the last arc wasn’t really good. And don’t get me started about >!all the characters that were added for no reason.!<

  6. Joke? ive seen tons of dirt towards Kaguya sama´s ending, but fr, half of people hate it, half its ok with it

  7. Kaguya sama is completely different from Tokyo revengers tho. It’s like saying that if you didn’t like tokyo revengers (a story about time leap powers with multiple deaths)ending, try Haikyuu ( a pretty light-hearted sports anime) it’s ending was great.

  8. The only messed up part of TR would theoretically be the horses head. It was A-Tier manga until the last 70ish chapters imo

  9. As much as I love Kaguya sama, I gotta admit its ending wasn’t that great. Also how Tokyo revengers and Kaguya sama can be compared?

  10. I cant relate to the picture. Kaguya’s last arcs or all the plot since Hayasaka’s arc has been received with really mixed reviews and a lot of criticism. For me the ending chapter of both manga’s was good out of context but how we got there was not. Kaguya has been on a downturn longer for me, havent really enjoyed it since the cultural festival arc. So no, Kaguya is not a good example of strong delivery and great ending that is for sure.

  11. I’d rather read Tokyo revenger’s ass ending than a slice of life tbh, they’re pretty different

  12. Literally have never seen a single manga that finished where people did not bash the ending. We got exactly what it was supposed to be. I’m so tired of seeing people complain

  13. Even if the ending was rushed i will never forget the journey and what a masterpiece it was all the way..
    Except the ending.

  14. The entire last arc about mikey was weak. If Emma didn’t die and kisaki death would be one of the last chapters,that would be the best ending ever. Kisaki death was satisfying. Now it is ruined.

  15. When Kaguya-Sama is your #1 manga and Tokyo Revengers is your #3 manga: mhhh interesting…