Tr characters you think are pretty but get absolutely shit on for being “ugly”

Tr characters you think are pretty but get absolutely shit on for being “ugly”

Tr characters you think are pretty but get absolutely shit on for being "ugly"

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  1. I wouldnt say he gets shit on for being ugly but definitely doesnt get the mentions he deserves; Takuya 🙏🏻 he was so hot when he grew up dude I cant 😭

  2. Kisaki. Well adult Kisaki, people always say he’s ugly but he’s time skip is better looking than most other characters timeskips (I would only say Hanma, Kazutora and Kakucho have better looking ones)

  3. I see so many people call Takemichi ugly when he’s literally so adorable (especially when his hair is down and free after fighting lmao (hope y’all can visualize it))

  4. Shinichiro is cute. I wonder why no girl wants him in tokrev universe maybe he’s actually ugly in canon? (⸝⸝⸝´꒳`⸝⸝⸝)

  5. Everyone keeps calling Shinchiro handsome but the poor guy got rejected 20 times. Now, I don’t know if he got rejected 20 times by the same girl or different girls but still… But to me he’s a very good looking guy.

  6. I dunno about pretty, but I think Benkei looks perfectly fine, but everyone goes crazy over Waka instead with like no acknowledgement of him even though they are basically always a matched set in canon. Also people seem to think Sanzu is ugly, when I think he’s objectively pretty good looking? Like, if he had a decent personality a lot of the same people wouldn’t have a negative opinion of his appearance at all. I think his design is kinda sick tbh, and him and Senju look similar without looking the same, which I think is cool.

  7. Isn’t he a part of the bonten trio though ? I saw too much people simping over him lmao 😭 imo Yamagishi is kinda cute and Benkei is also super hot

  8. ran. ppl shit on his braids and forehead but personally he is IT for me, handsome beautiful gorgeous mf. i just KNOW that him with his hair down would look gorgeous, and i was right with that one roppongi era panel, but tbh he’s still serving looks even with those braids, i dare say he looks better in his young adult phase than his bonten era

  9. sorry, but mochi is kinda hot. especially bonten mochi, he’s giving big boss/tycoon vibes with that slicked back hair. 😭😭 also takeomi!! is very beautiful too. idk, i love men with scars

  10. Pah and Mucho, especially Pah. They’re both handsome fellas. 😌 I think people say they’re ugly because they look very masculine and aren’t pretty.

  11. What is going awnn?? I return to this sub and I see people defending *and* roasting Sanzu left and right 😭

    Ngl, Sanzu real pretty tho. Shinichiro too. Like come here boy, I won’t reject you lmaoo

  12. The canon good looking characters in TR (as mentioned by other characters or shown in panels) are kazutora, inui, koko, mitsuya, hakkai, yuzuha, hina, emma, akane, akkun and probably naoto and takemichi.

  13. Mitchy, Mucho, Mochi. I’ve seen comments mentioning Benkei. I didn’t know people saw him as ugly :c

  14. I’ve recently seen a lot of people saying Sanzu is ugly but to me he’s the second most attractive character in the series and I adore him.

  15. Takeomi, he is very handsome… the kind of guy that catches my eye. Also Takemichi! He is not ugly at all, but people seem to think so?

  16. I think peh and pah look pretty ok/decent but people literally hate on them bc they’re not 110lb pretty boys and built like actual gang members along with mucho

  17. Its ran hair it looks ugly on every fucking style he appears 😭😭 like it was kinda ok when it eas full braided blond Lmao