“Poseidon wank is so annoying” lol not my fault I can powerscale and debate check comments

“Poseidon wank is so annoying” lol not my fault I can powerscale and debate check comments

“Poseidon wank is so annoying” lol not my fault I can powerscale and debate check comments

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  1. congratulations on getting the award for the most obnoxious person on the subreddit

  2. Have you ever considered the fact that people are even less inclined to agree with you because you’re super rude about your opinion?

  3. Bro this afterimage argument makes literally no sense. It was simply used to make the fight look better and as an exaggeration of speed. Zeus’ tfst is the fastest attack in the series yet it makes no afterimages. Afterimages in this manga is used to make make the fight look better not a direct way to power scale fighters.

  4. Here’s the funny thing. When I scale poseidon I’m not wanking him even though I’m fully capable to do so. I don’t scale him above zeus I scale him off of 40 day flood sba (standard battle assumptions).
    In character yes poseidon can be lower in tier lists I’m aware but full power looking to kill his 40 day flood is enough to kill. I’ll do a brief explanation and then I’ll be dropping the Poseidon topic on here lmao debating Poseidon vs the same four gods got boring.

    Zero and herc never have contention with being stronger then pos so I won’t address it

    Anyways my pos scaling is basically this
    40 day flood is the fastest attack due to afterimages being equivocated to speed in the verse
    Pos has the ap to destroy volunds that have the power to damage the gods and relatively the idea that anyone can damage anyone who has fought so far
    Basically a speed blitz unless my opponent can contend and argue a basis where a blitz isn’t plausible to occur
    The one contention is that Poseidon doesn’t envelop the whole arena only a section in his smaller arena
    The area is big enough to envelop his opponent and Poseidon is fast enough to catch any opponent in it regardless of his position or the hax of the opponent

    Since I’m dropping ror debating I might have to actually make arguments against Poseidon since everyone struggles to do so.

    Anyways enemy #1 buddha
    Buddha is to slow just because you see an event doesn’t mean you can react to it. For all we know and what we saw he can see a pitch black future where he dies to 40 day flood. Even if you say he can see the movements buddha never showed the reaction speed so he dies

    #2 shiva
    The only one that has a chance with speed
    Still to slow if you equivocate speed feats
    Unpredictable doesn’t matter if your opponent is faster then you and has an attack that envelops you
    Again 40 day flood wins

    Enemy #3 hades
    Poseidon is way faster hades at best was relative to a start of the fight pos in speed has nothing on 40 day flood
    Narrative argument also backs up Poseidon being stronger then any god on the roster past round three

    Enemy #4 thor
    Easily the god I hold closest to pos here with multiple possibilities of victory
    Yes pos does outscales thor in speed so the same argument can be used but there are some semantics to be made here for thor to win

    Basically Reddit speed matters a lot in fights when they are under sba. Once you have ap to hurt them anyways. Yes most of these characters I spoke about have better hax durability strength maybe even fighting skill but again all is void when speed is an issue and a blitz occurs

    Good day Reddit downvote my comment again it’s inevitable at this point I’m used to it