We all know what’s going to happen.

We all know what’s going to happen.

We all know what's going to happen.

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  1. Honestly one think I love about the community is how much love some characters get without use even knowing what they look like 😂

  2. I’m really waiting for Tesla to win here(Even though I personally cheered for Beel)

    Every odds is stacking against him and literally everyone think he is gonna lost, It would be cool if he turned this around and actually win, Not just win against his opponent, But also win against the readers

  3. I can see there being a draw where Tesla is going to die/or died but then he had some big brain play that results in the death of his opponent. Kinda symbolic of him receiving recognition after his death. But damn I hope he wins so badly.

  4. Right now I don’t care about any theories, predictions or guesses as to who should lose.

    Tesla has to win and demonstrate what characterizes humans, our mind and intelligence.


    If the gods were 2 wins ahead, I don’t see why humans can’t.

  5. Yep. Tesla’s bout to get an L, but it’ll be against Beelzebub, so it’ll be a good fight

  6. Honestly as the author has made me like every fighter for humanity. I am always expecting to feel pain

  7. I don’t actually see how Tesla is going to lose this aside from pure bs plot armor of all things, We are talking about the man who invent electricity and a lazy bug god, but the plot is now too one-sided so I guess I can expect the laziest people can be more advanced than genius or some shit, If that’s the case I want Okita vs Susano’o next which, the boy give a good fight against the god of storm himself but lose anyways due to being inexperience.

  8. Well everyone has been hyping up a tie so we can get a 14th fight. And Buddha has asked for sigfried to be added into the fray. So that’s basically Tesla’s only chance. Otherwise he dies to Beelz.

  9. well i assume like most tournament mangas we’re gonna have a tie by the 2nd last fight, so what order they lose or win in matters very little as long as we get to see a cool fight

  10. Why couldn’t it be rasputin

    Sure he sounds cool as a fighter but I don’t think most people would care if he dies

    They definitely chose Tesla because they knew it will break our hearts

  11. Interesting fact about tesla he doing some research how to win against god use science

  12. i hope god wins next round, whoever their opponent is.

    because ive seen a lot of people’s behaviour online, and believe me, they NEED god.

  13. I will be really sad if Tesla die (which will most likely happen), but at the same time I believe it is the best outcome as it’s been a while since no tragic death happened

  14. I wonder if the writer will subvert expectations and not just give the humans a leg up but 2