Before we go routing for qin shi just remember

Before we go routing for qin shi just remember

Before we go routing for qin shi just remember

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  1. Before we go digging up real history remember this is a manga and the characters can be what the mangaka wants.
    Zeus for instance didn’t want to eradicate humanity, he wanted to fuck it, all of it, like all the time.

  2. Jack the ripper was a monster in real life, and still i wanted him to win. The character is only a representation, supporting the character does not mean that we agree with what his real counterpart did

  3. I won’t be suprised if he is really messed up, but we’ll have to wait to see his backstory.

  4. Oh look, a dead person being represented in a manga who looks and behaves nothing like he did in real life. I better not go rooting for him, what would the victims’ family think!

    2200 years of weeping they sure did.

  5. jack the ripper

    seperate the characters from their real life counterparts otherwise u won’t enjoy the manga

  6. Gasp how could we ever root for a cruel dictator

    Come on Jack the Ripper and Lu Bu fans we have to get outa here

  7. We should remember that this is ror universe tho, history is different, like buddha came back after he reach enlightenment and jack the ripper is still an unknown killer

  8. I hope he does some pretty evil or ruthless stuff to go for the win

    Crack theory is that since twins = death flag, Alvitr will unfortunately die/get sacrificed but QSH will still somehow win or at least wound Hades badly

  9. Those are the actions of the historical figure and not the fictional depiction portrayed in this series

  10. Are we really still doing this? I thought at this point in the mangas lifespan we were past bringing up the real life counterparts and understanding that the characters are just a representation of the figure and aren’t a 1:1 replica

  11. All of this aside, it really bugs me when someone calls him Qin Shi. Qin by itself is fine, ShiHuang by itself is fine, but Qin Shi is just so wrong.

    I can’t find a good English counterpart to this, as the English has their first names first while the Chinese has their surname first. But as far as I know, and I know quite a bit in this, you’re not supposed to pick apart the ShiHuang. Granted, ShiHuang isn’t his real name, but Qin is definitely his surname.

  12. He is regarded as one of the greatest Tyrants in History.

    Noone knows exactly how many died when he “build” the great wall but it is assumed that it was one of the greatest death tolls on human history.

  13. Aye he fighting for humanity that all i need to know despite his “motivation” and personality

  14. The first thing i though when i saw him was that he was hot

    The second thing was that i didnt like him

    Edit: No Homo

  15. Lubu is describided in the manga like a monster who kills out of boredom and i still love him.

  16. No, every human champion has to be cheered for, no matter their crimes or cruelty, because their loss brings us a closer step to extinction, this is why I would cheer for Jack the Ripper!

  17. Dont forget the part where he litterally destroyed all media in china about everything that happened before his dynasty only to be the very beginning of everything.

    Qin had an obvious God complex just as other evil, manipulative super-rich and powerful people, for example Hitler, Stalin, Jeff Bezos, Zuckerburg etc.

    They all end up the same way, trying to become immortal only to die depressed and anxious, only realizing in the last moment that everything they have archived for themselves disappers in that single moment called death.

  18. If I am correct, an eunuch was also responsible for ending his dynasty.
    However, as far as I know , all the monarches had eunuchs in their courts . Like tonnes of them. Usually, like the PA for the king and lots of other stuffs.

  19. A part of me still wants to see Gilgamesh show up and see how the manga portrays the Tyrant King.

    Would Tiamat be on Human or the God’s side?

  20. Did he start the Eunch thing where the Chinese court utilized them as a class of administrators?

  21. And Zeus was the epitome of what a massive pervert is, Jack is a serial killer, Lü Bu was well known to be a traitor to whoever he works under during China’s warring states period, etc. Still going to root for him and humanity to win

  22. This is a manga, not real life. People need to know separete things. Jack the ripper, Lu Bu were evil people too, and orthers for human team have some questinable morals. Simo and Okita have killed many people and I don’t know what to say about Rasputin
    Also, Qin being evil is just one more reason for love him as a Character, in my taste. I like some bad guys