Made it a bit more accurate

Made it a bit more accurate

Made it a bit more accurate

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  1. It is actually well thought out by the author


    following is my post which did not show up on thread

    I just made a connection on Buddha’s weapon design choices as the new chapter came out.

    In Buddhist mythology, when Buddha was born he walked 7 steps, six representing the six realms and the seven representing going beyond the six realms, escaping samsara.

    In the manga Buddha’s initial weapon was the six realms, In the new chapter it was destroyed and replacing it is the Nirvana sword, with the SEVEN lucky gods symbol on the sword.
    This is clearly designed to represent Buddha defeating the cycle of samsara, also why Hajun calls himself the demon lord of the ‘Sixth’ heaven
    As in the myth Hajun represents our undesirable human tendencies that kept us in the cycle of samsara, and WHY Buddha’s nirvana, the 7th realm can defeat Hajun!

  2. He should have automatically won the fight when Zero died and Hajun appeared, soo…

  3. It’s more of a call back since Loki and Buddha talked about volund and how Buddha created it.

  4. My only complaint about the chapter is Hajun himself he did like a complete 180 from psycho who didn’t care and just wanted to hurt people to scared fighter that was terrified of Buddha it didn’t really seem natural to me at least

  5. He is the founder of Vollound so what stoping Buddha using the same principles where Kojiro use his ultimate weapon?