Power Level so far IMO

Power Level so far IMO

Power Level so far IMO

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  1. Buddha is a top tier.

    Also Zero being above Hercules is hilarious. And beelzebub’s placement is pure headcannon

  2. Hey I will respectfully explain to you why imo your tier list is objectively wrong. First of beel in S tier doesn’t make sense. You can say that you think he will be strong but we can’t know Same goes for odin. Then poseidon literally made göll almost cry and say why are they pulling out him now implying that he is one of the strongest and was expected to be a trump card. He is clearly one of the strongest if not the second strongest Greek God just by his standing. He also is the fastest character in the whole manga. Rudra is also way to high as he lost to a Shiva who didn’t use his final ability and since he isn’t in the roster it wouldn’t make sense for him to be stronger than any other God who fought in the tournement.
    I will respect basically any opinion but this is literally factually wrong.

  3. Doubt Beel will be that high. I think he will be more of a mad scientist type and his fight will be him using monsters he has created to do the fight for him. In that sense, Nikola would be a good match for him, a fight of inventions.