It’s over

It’s over

It's over

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  1. Dear all that is divine and holy, NO!

    Hajun (K3/Shinza) comes from an untranslated VN that even other Japanese readers and translators state is untranslatable. This causes so many people to blow shit out of proportion or misinterpret what is being said.

    And, don’t mean to sound like a dick, 99% Shinza’s fanbase can’t read Japanese but act like they read Avesta, ParaLost, and K3 (All three are untranslated).

    I love the Shinza franchise, Dies Irae being the visual novel that got me into visual novel, but we really shouldn’t be talking about characters from ParaLost, Avesta, or K3 (Hajun coming K3/Kajiri Kamui Kagura).

  2. and i made a post a few days ago of what if Nostradamus was Mercurius lmao

    yeah Shinza Bansho characters solos everyone in RoR unfortunately for them

    love both verse a lot tho