Jeez, could’ve put more effort into that cake

Jeez, could’ve put more effort into that cake

Jeez, could've put more effort into that cake

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  1. I’ve seen a number of cake decorators that use stock photos of cakes on their website that they’ve never actually baked.

    On one hand, it makes sense for a small bakery to do that. If they took photos of cakes themselves (especially fancy show cakes) they have to expend a lot of time and ingredients to bake a cake that they probably aren’t going to sell just to take pictures of it. Heck, even taking high quality of photos of evenly-lit cakes can be more difficult than it seems. So, if they can find photos of a cake they KNOW they can make (even if they haven’t made it before), they’re likely to use it to save themselves time and money.

    Buuuut… then you get some bakers who have never made anything like the cakes they advertise, and vastly underestimate how complicated a cake that isn’t a rectangle or a cylinder is to make.

  2. No lie if the cake on the right was my birthday cake I’d laugh my ass off and love every second of it.

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