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Media 😔

Media 😔

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  1. Maybe have schools teach shit that matters.

    When i was a kid we had a cooking / sewing class, carpentry, etc on top of math, history, science, writing comprehension.

    My brother who is about 14 years younger had no other classes beyond the basics.

    We also need to add classes about taxes and other adult style “things you need to know”.

  2. Alternate title: Millennials are paid so little that they can’t afford to pay others to do occasional household tasks.

  3. Why would anyone take a class on how to sew a button? Thats not an entire class thats one specific thing you can learn quickly on YouTube

  4. My father has been a mechanic majority of his life. Majority of me helping him fix cars was to hold a flashlight. fuck that bitch.

  5. Maybe our clothes aren’t that shit that we need to sew a button on every other day. Or our cars built that shitty that we need to spend all weekend fixing things. Maybe we are just better at doing things then previous generations. Maybe we are master of a trade and not a jack of all trades, master of none

  6. Millennials I know refused to participate when we were trying to teach those skills. Need help sewing, no where to be found. Need help fixing a chair, hiding somewhere with their console. Life is not a one way street. We didn’t teach because they didn’t listen. They didn’t listen because they had no interest and no real life need at the time

  7. Gotta love when they always shit on us but ask us to fix their phones for the dumbest shit🤔🤣🤣🤷

  8. Millennials are taking classes because they were to lazy and busy with their electronic devices to learn what the older generation had to teach them.

  9. It’s not “Media” it’s a far-right nut job publication. We need to be clear about this. Just coz it’s written, doesn’t make it credible or even true. Love the edit tho! As for not learning skills boomers, learned a 1000 other things you still can’t do. Maybe we just never stop learning and improving?

  10. Bullshit. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink because they know better than you and don’t have to learn stupid shit when I could be partying.

    The original title was correct.

  11. That’s OK they’ll learn pretty quick when Joe Biden puts us in a depression that makes 1929 look like piddly squat. Now you’ll know why great grandma saved aluminum foil and bacon grease. (Oh look out here comes down votes!!! )