They got mad at people wanting to defend the police, now they want to defund the FBI

They got mad at people wanting to defend the police, now they want to defund the FBI

They got mad at people wanting to defend the police, now they want to defund the FBI

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  1. An upside down flag represents that our nation is in great danger/distress

    Of course they’re using it

  2. Idiots like her shouldn’t be allowed to hold office. What, other than saying ignorant and stupid shit, has she accomplished as a politician for her constituents?

    She should be forced to go back to her cave and sabertoothed tiger.

  3. Cuz in their eyes they’re always the victim and anyone that’s against them is the bad guys.

  4. While I’m not from the US, it’s always disheartening to be reminded that this woman exists.

  5. Progressives say “Defund the police” because too many innocent or unarmed Black people are being abused and killed.

    Regressives say “Defund the FBI” because their beloved leader is being is being investigated for actual crimes against the US.

  6. Had this raid happened at Nancy Pelosi’s house they would be calling them “brave men and women”.

  7. *Now* the country is in distress? When a fucking white, male billionaire who committed blatant treason is investigated? I promise, if they started investigating AOC, she’d offer to suck off the entire Fed.

  8. Wait, aren’t these the same people who got mad at someone for kneeling during the national anthem?

  9. Republicons know that hypocrisy works with their base. Maybe it’s time for Americans to say it doesn’t.

  10. What we need to do is put funding into the education system, because she is a stunning example that the education system has failed

  11. The FBI & CIA is pretty corrupt and have done some real shady shit. There have been multiple presidents who have stated this. Definitely could use some restructure. I remember people were saying abolish the police before they figured out what abolished meant. I would definitely agree with restructuring the police system, FBI & CIA. Shit the whole government needs restructuring.

  12. Or just defund the politician, most of them are getting pay doing nothing that benefit the country and just talking trash on the social media. What did they ever got accomplished for the country? nothing at all.

  13. I would be amazed it the hypocrisy wasn’t so pedestrian with these folks😂

  14. you guys also feel like this is a bad live tennis match? my neck can only rubber so much. pick a side.

  15. Of course a rich and powerful person wants to defund the FBI. They are one of the only, if not the only governmental organization with the power and authority to come after rich and powerful people who are committing high profile crimes.

    But I’m sure the local police still killing minorities for no reason just need some paid vacation?