“Immediately I felt a cold demonic being”

“Immediately I felt a cold demonic being”

“Immediately I felt a cold demonic being”

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  1. So a fellow human who helps you but doesn’t believe in God is controlled by demons sent by Satan.

    Makes total sense to me.

  2. She didn’t feel the demon until she talked to him long enough to find out he’s an atheist. Her Karen-sense must be off…..

  3. I thought _they_ thought demons come from hell – that *hot* place the Catholic church once admitted they totally made up to scare their faithful into line. Bloody religion, can’t even get its “facts” straight.

  4. Not joking here but this sounds like a mental illness, I hope this person gets the professional help they need.

  5. Imagine going thru life being this ignorant and afraid. It must be hell (if hell existed, of course).

  6. 1. ah yes, she sensed the demon after finding out they are atheist. cus the sense wasn’t good enough to actually feel the fucking phlebiac inside them until they said it.
    2. atheism just means not believing in God. like its not like the guy regularly performs rituals to summon satan to suck on nipples, atleast i think he doesn’t
    3. they clearly knew he was just an innocent guy. that is the perfect thing about this. “ah what a nice person helping me. WHAT? YOU DONT BELIEVE IN GOD?!?!? OH MY LORD, BAGUL IS MOLESTING YOU RIGHT NOW YOU ABSOLUTE DEMON! I MUST GO PRAY TO STOP THIS VILE DEMONIC THREAT” like they have actual evidence atheists aren’t bad people and still act like they just witnessed the fucking ghost rider say that hes come for her soul

  7. It’s fascinating to me that these people aren’t institutionalized as a routine matter.

  8. This reminds me of the “Little Britain” sketches where the elderly woman likes the food she’s eating until someone tells her it was made by a POC. The character spends the rest of the sketch projectile vomiting all over the scene.

  9. He should have known he wasn’t a Christian when he offered help with no strings attached.

  10. Considering being a Christian is meant to protect you from demons she is showing a terrible lack of faith. This is utter nonsense even from a Christian perspective.

  11. ‘Then when I got home I gave more money to my favorite tele-evangelist so he can buy a new private jet to spread the word of God. That’s how u defeat the devil.’

  12. I’ve been asked if I’ve been saved 3 times since becoming a pagan (from atheism btw), all three times I answered “no”, they asked me if I was an atheist, I said “no I’m a polytheist”, they had no clue what that meant, I explain, then… death stare

  13. Incapable of rational thought.Yaaaaayyy !! Religion. Why the fuck are we still dealing with this garbage. I hate it here.

  14. imagine living your life so afraid of your own shadow that you can barely function…this is what religion does to people

  15. Even though he didn’t believe in an eternal reward for doing good deeds, he helped you anyway. Yet he is the evil person and the “Christian” you thought he was who’s doing it for brownie points with Jesus is the good one. Do I have that right?

  16. Demon about to be sent to Earth: “Soooo… just help her load her car?”

    Satan: “Yes.”

    Demon: “Then terrorize her dreams and cause her to lash out angrily at others, lust after her married neighbor and abuse strong drink?”

    Satan: “No. Just the groceries”

    Demon: “Reveal myself in my true form so as to haunt her every moment with the memory?”

    Satan: “No. Just be some friendly dude.”


    Satan: “Go. And after… helpfully push back shopping carts that people have left in the parking lot.”

    Demon: [mutters] “… I fucking hate this gig…”

  17. Didn’t feel it until he *said* he was an atheist huh?

    I’m convinced we are evolving backwards because these people would not have fucking survived in nature.

  18. Imagine the Magi showing up to see Christ and Mary was like, “Sorry. You’re not Jewish.”.

  19. That was just the air conditioning, mom. You can turn it off. Just like I told you yesterday.

  20. If you’re that afraid, you’ve already lost. The devil is already inside you. You must remain a fortress at all times. Seal all your orifii up with blessed molten lead, cast out your eyes and deafen yourself against all but the Lord’s word. I read that knitting needles work the best for that.

  21. Oh, no an athiestdidsomething good for me,with no expectation of reward. IT MUST BE A DEMON!

  22. This shit, is wayyy more common than people think. This is what happens when the rational religious people (they exist), don’t shut the crazy ones down immediately. It’s so annoying to see how out of control it’s gotten.

    I grew up around this crazy, and was taught that it was completely normal to think like this. Thankfully, my education saved me from this kind of lunacy. Like, they actually think, and are taught that every day is some kind of spiritual battle in the war for their souls. Pastors at most churches reinforce this victimhood too. It’s insanity. Half the stuff people like this believe in, isn’t even in the Bible!

  23. That kid went on with the rest of his day without a care in the world, and this “christian” spent the rest of her day traumatized over nothing, scratch that, she spent the rest of her day traumatized over a kind deed by a kid who was different from her. If the devil is real, he got her, but it wasn’t from the interaction with an atheists, he had her from the start.