Americans reject a superior burger because they are math stupid.

Americans reject a superior burger because they are math stupid.

Americans reject a superior burger because they are math stupid.

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  1. A friend has been a public school teacher in the US for 28 years. She teaches middle school and says the majority of the children in her classes today cannot read an analog clock.

    I’m sure those kids probably can’t use a rotary phone either, but we still have lots of analog clocks. Even to just be able to understand the terms “clockwise” and “counter-clockwise,” I would think it would still be beneficial to know how to read a clock. I’m all for abandoning old and unnecessary technology, but things like math and others really have me worried about the state of education in the US. It’s really not good.

  2. And that was in the 80’s….The current school education system is worse than back then
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  3. Is this why McDonald’s sells the double quarter pounder instead of the half pounder?

    I still think the story is bullshit tho.

  4. [A third of Europeans think the sun revolves around the Earth and that humans lived with t. rex.](

    Being a complete fucking idiot isn’t about geography. And if you think it is, I’ve got some bad news about the idiot in your geography: it’s you.

  5. Third pounder is a not a good name tho. Quarter Pounder rolls off the tongue better. Unless the third pounder had a different name.

  6. In the UK there was a winter themed lottery scratch card game. You were given a temperature, if you scratched off a lower temperature you won.

    The issue was the UK uses Celsius; the temps were winter themed so were always a minus number.

    people were attacking shop workers accusing them of trying to steal their winnings because the number to be lower than was for example -7 and they scratched off -4 and 4 is lower than 7.

    the lottery company ended this game early and have never done a game involving negative numbers again.

  7. Yay math.

    Frito: “Thirty billion. So if you gave me 30 billion and the time machine’s 20– What’s the minus of 30 and 20?”

    Joe: “Uh, it’s, uh, it’s 80, Frito. It’s eighty billion dollars. That’s a mighty big minus, isn’t it?”

    Frito: “Yeah. I like money though.”

  8. Ik it’s an oldie, but it’s in my opinion a goodie. I’m not sure if it’s genuine, but it’s hilarious for sure.