Finally some honesty

Finally some honesty

Finally some honesty

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  1. For anyone wondering, yes, this actually did happen at the recent CPAC ~~shitshow~~ convention.

    But it was supposedly tongue-in-cheek.

  2. Soooo america, should I ask what happened to “We dont negotiate with terrorists?” or should I leave it up to someone else to ask this question?

  3. They’re trying to normalize the word so that it doesn’t have the impact it carries now. Republicans are joking with each other about being treasonous scum bags. They know jan. 6th was terrorism and they’re encouraging more.

  4. They want to embrace this, as it makes them feel like they are doing a duty to THEIR visions of the country. You’re not a real American if you don’t try and overturn an election at least once.

  5. Since being a Terrorist is a crime, and this appears to be a confession (admission of guilt), perhaps the organizers, at the least, could be prosecuted for terrorism.