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  1. Someone ought to tell her that she has been grossly overpaying for fruits and veggies sold by the item rather than pound.

  2. Yes, let’s put people who cannot do simple sums in charge of the world’s largest economy. That will end well

  3. I’m convinced this woman is a troll/grifter, no person can have this many dumb statements

  4. I think I mean it when I say this is the stupidest tweet that I have ever seen

  5. Keep in mind, this is the same idiot that said there were no pronouns used in the constitution. These are the leaders of the Republican party, folks.

  6. What??? Did someone dunk this candidate’s head in a bucket of ammonia? Florida with a capital F**ked !
    #college? #bettercandidates #mustberepublican

  7. Me just assuming she is talking about computer coding and insinuating we need smarter people in office

  8. Any actual source other then reddit? When I can’t find a single news article on a dumb tweet, my suspicions go up.

  9. I come from where she comes from, and no, 1+1 does not equal 12, I think she’s trying to make us look stupid.