We give way to much to narcissistic people.

We give way to much to narcissistic people.

We give way to much to narcissistic people.

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  1. From that pic I wouldn’t have suspected attention seeking behaviour in a hundred billion years.

  2. So she would have cheated on herself if she had banged someone else once married ? Mmh. Interesting.

  3. I wonder what the wedding looked like? Did she have to recite vows to herself? How did she do the whole kiss the bride thing? Was she two brides, or a bride and a groom? And what about the wedding rings?

    And what did the divorce proceedings look like? Did she have to give half her things to herself? Did she had two divorce lawyers, or just one?

  4. I’ve always said it… if you’re not happy with yourself then you won’t be happy with anyone else

  5. I get it, sometime you married someone who seem perfect just to find out she’s a major bitch

  6. Who TF attends a wedding where someone marries themself? Was it just family and other lonely friends having a party all about her? “Please join me in celebration of the union between me and myself. RSVP by *date*”

  7. Isn’t she the chica who posed on the tracks at Auschwitz, then posted a pic of herself in front of her father’s casket? Same same