That’s crazy I’m a zebra

That’s crazy I’m a zebra

That's crazy I'm a zebra

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  1. Zodiac bitches be like “Sorry I ran over 24 orphans in my 2006 Honda Civic, I’m just a Caprisun teehee”

  2. I think I’d be intrigued just by someone saying “what’s your backstory?” instead of “what’s your deal,” or something similar.

    Also, I feel like this probably didn’t happen quite as cleanly as it’s portrayed here because that’s some decently-written-sitcom dialogue

  3. A drunk guy once said to me I looked like Red Riding Hood, only taller. And then one of his friends came to my rescue and pulled him away while saying ‘don’t listen to him, he’s diabetic’.

  4. Years ago I met a girl who asked what I do. “I’m an engineer” I said. Her eyes got wide and she said “You drive a train?!?!?” Didn’t have the heart to break it to her