Allen West is in Hoaxpital.

Allen West is in Hoaxpital.

Allen West is in Hoaxpital.

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  1. Because hospitals are staffed with ordinary folks who just diagnose and treat illnesses in their spare time.

  2. Doctor : “You are stupid”
    Allen West : “I want a second opinion”
    Doctor : “You are stupid and ugly”

  3. I won’t take a 0.5ml vaccine shot, but I’ll go to the hospital and let them pump me full of 10 liters of various drugs, some made by the same companies that make the vaccine, cuz that makes sense. – Joe Rogan

  4. Why did this guy go to the hospital for treatment anyway when he could have just gone to the pet store?

  5. No, just that guy. And I can’t find that quote either.

    This is a problem-lumping 1/2 the country together and then disparaging them. Not the way to make things better.

  6. Maybe I’m missing something, but a search on man and quote didn’t came back with results