Why do most Republicans think that’s what Christopher Columbus did???

Why do most Republicans think that’s what Christopher Columbus did???

Why do most Republicans think that's what Christopher Columbus did???

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  1. Because critical thinking and the ability to self correct beliefs into facts is one of the hardest combination of mental abilities for people.

  2. And he was never even in the USA… I don’t even remember why there is such a thing as Columbus day.

  3. He was looking for a route to East Asia, NOT to prove that the world was round. He was looking for that route for commercial purposes, not as a “science project”. If it had been a science project, it is doubtful that he would have ever gotten funding. Surely Republicans can understand that.

    It was known that the world was round. What was not known was that there was a fairly large land mass “between” Western Europe and East Asia.

  4. Everyone agreed that the world was round. Columbus thought it was smaller than everyone else did and was wrong. That’s why he thought he was already in India when he hadn’t gone nearly far enough.

  5. Does literally everyone forget about Amerigo Vespucci?
    Or even the Vikings before him?
    Was it just the connection to the Church/Spanish monarchy that wrote over those bits of history?
    Honestly curious.

  6. I know Fred Girod. I used to live in his town. He was not always like this. It seems that the current republican brand promotes ignorant and obstinate behavior and the local party officials are more than willing to set aside what they know to be true to step in line with the party. It’s dangerous and contains flavors of “party before country” that only serves to divide and polarize.

    Mr. Girod used to be a good man who happened to be a conservative. Party politics was just his career choice and I have seen him debate the issues then put away the issues and be a normal human with people who disagree with his politics. Those days seem to be long gone with the current republican party. It’s an identity for them.

  7. Don’t forget to add in all the men women and children he killed and raped.

    And this politician guy admired him? Hhmmmmmm

  8. But it was common knowledge the world was round. He tries to prove it was a lot smaller than mathematicians calculated. And was very wrong.