The Monster Trio in Wano, chibi-style! [1028 spoilers]

The Monster Trio in Wano, chibi-style! [1028 spoilers]

The Monster Trio in Wano, chibi-style! [1028 spoilers]

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  1. These bait power ups made me think monster trio were hella strong but their ,,real,, power ups made them be on a totally another lvl. A crew that will defeat another emperor’s crew, pirate king vibes

    Cute drawing btw!

  2. zoro => enma => unlocking conqueror’s haki

    sanji => raid suit=> activating his latent genes

    luffy => ryuo => coating attacks with conqueror’s haki

  3. They led into those power ups

    Without Armament training Luffy wouldn’t know how to coat himself in Conquerors.

    Similar thing with Enma it helped Zoro course his Conquerors through his swords.

    Without the Raidsuit Sanji’s genes wouldn’t have activated.

  4. I think we’re still going to see some new ability from Sanji. My basic reasoning is that Luffy got Ryou and CoC coating, Zoro got Enma and CoQ, however Sanji’s durability upgrade provides the same benefit as his suit only stronger. You could say Luffy’s double upgrade is similar but his CoC upgrade lets him defend in addition to attack harder and his haki improved exponentially overall.

    But I think the biggest tell is that Sanji explicitly commented on how Queen seemed nearly impossible for him to damage, which makes sense considering Monster Point Chopper could toss him around but couldn’t inflict any damage whatsoever.

    So I see two main possibilities here

    The gene treatment will augment Sanji with some kind of increased offensive capability unique to him much like his siblings have


    The body strengthening and self repairing will allow Sanji to overdrive his fire attacks since they might be limited by his own bodies strength to resist it.

    It’s even possible that Judge tweaked the gene therapy to provide Sanji with innate fire abilities as well or something to boost them. This would fit in with the similar unique abilities given to his brothers.

  5. You could add Nami to the list, her power up is also pretty damn strong. Robin revealed a new form and Fishman karate technique. Chopper got advanced rumble balls and skills allowing him to create an antidote to a deadly virus in a couple of minutes.

    Usopp, Franky, and Brook are the only ones that haven’t got a proper power up yet in this arc.

  6. i think zoro is going to get one more thing just to push him over the edge to defeat king. i don’t see him beating king in a timely manor without something like a semi power up. perhaps a form of advanced haki?

  7. Just I thought I had; in Act 2 the Monster Trio was set up with certain power-ups but during the raid they have all been overshadowed by an even bigger surprise power-up.

    So I decided to draw all the power-ups in a chibi style!

    To give credit where it’s due, Mr Morj predicted [Luffy’s real power-up was gonna be about Conqueror’s Haki]( before it happened.

    PS: this post does NOT break the 24 hour rule as it is a fanart 😉

  8. I wonder if we’ll see Sanji use the Suit again or if the only purpose for it was to awaken the exoskeleton.

    It badly needs a redesign if he is gonna use it.

  9. I’m kinda glad that they pretty much all got 2 power ups. I mean Katakuri is a fricking monster and Zoro and sanji fight enemies who should be on a similar level as him, while Luffy fights someone even stronger now.

  10. Now, imagine when their bait power-ups combine with their real power-ups (aside from Luffy, which we’ve already seen)

    Indestructible Sanji in a Franky/Ussop redesigned Raid Suit?

    Zoro coating his swords with Conqueror’s Haki?

    Some hype ideas.

  11. Maybe one of the reasons Judge was so disappointed in Sanji was because he had put the best genes/DNA into him. Everyone welcome the Black Leg Iron Chef

  12. Oda said in an interview that Luffy’s specialty is supreme haki while Zoro is Armament, so this picture is another way around.

  13. I hate all the “real power up”s but gosh Sanji’s power up is the single worst thing that ever happened in One Piece. I hate it so much it hurts

  14. Zoro got three upgrades in Wano right: Enma >> Fire cutting >> Awake Conquerers

    Assuming Sanji also gets 3 upgrades in Wano: Raid Suit >> Breaking Swords >> Awake Conquerers!?

    It could be a force fit of 3 upgrades to Luffy: Ryuo like Hyogoro >> Advanced Ryuo like Rayleigh >> Advanced Conquerers like Yonko