All the Damage Kaido the beast received so far in the war (Zoom in)

All the Damage Kaido the beast received so far in the war (Zoom in)

All the Damage Kaido the beast received so far in the war (Zoom in)

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  1. I’m glad someone finally put it all together, and recognized that the scabbards DID manage to damage Kaido despite people saying they were too weak.

  2. All the damage we’ve seen him receive.

    There’s fighting in between scenes. Just like in Marineford we saw Whitebeard take hits then at the end of the war it said it took like 100+ hits, yet all weren’t drawn.

  3. And people still are like “unrealistic that Luffy can beat him” even though Luffy took two separate upgrades in this arc alone and trained specifically to damage him while Kaido took enough damage to obviously be affected but realistic enough that it’s not Luffy kicking him while down.

    This way, Luffy can easily still grow more to the point he can put down such a top-level fighter all by himself at some point.

  4. 1 vs 1 always bet on Kaido. Makes sense now, no way anyone shown yet can beat this monster one on one. Only chance is to Zerg rush him with high class fighters and pray. Worlds strongest creature indeed

  5. Even of luffy wins, i dont See it aß a total win.

    Luffy aint as strong (or stronger) as kaido, kaido is just exhausted after fighting a shitton of people and thats it.

  6. Oda is a genius for making such an OP character have a fighting style where they don’t block or dodge anything to balance this character and make it possible to defeat

  7. It’s fucking insane to think he can just sort of tank attacks like Kong Gatling and Gamma Knife. Those two hits in succession would have ***killed*** Doflamingo. Same for Luffy’s advanced CoC punches, just *one* hit like that was enough to one-shot Page One. And let’s not forget, he’s been carrying an *island* this entire time, which (as many people guessed) seemingly is not an effortless use of his Devil Fruit. He really *is* on a whole other level.

    Edit: Just one small detail, Luffy’s most recent Elephant Gun did not use Conqueror’s Coating. I just went back and checked, and the black “trail” created by Conqueror’s Coating was not present.

  8. Luffy had a nap and a village worth of food while Kaido was still fighting, its crazy. I mean Luffy already took two losses against Kaido this ark with one being during this same fight

  9. All the while carrying a huge ass island. And he’s only NOW starting to feel it. Tank is an understatement.

  10. People need to stop comparing Kaido and Shanks in these ways. Can Shanks tank all those attacks? No way, maybe up until this point but he would be 1 foot in his grave already while Kaido is still able to fight.
    The thing is tho,Shanks would never get hit with most of these attacks,he looks like a fast fighter with abnormal haki(all 3 types are maxxed out) therefore he would be better suited to fight multiple opponents than Kaido. Kaido just tanks the damage while he deals with someone else,like we saw when he wrecked Kinemon and Denjiro got him from the side.

    He thinks “yeah if I manage to one shot Kinemon,then It’s worth tanking the damage from Denjiro” meanwhile Shanks would never get hit from the side,that’s why Kaido is stronger in a 1v1 because he can focus all his strength and haki on 1 opponent,while not worrying about whether or not someone else will come at him from the back

  11. A single sulong scabbard can take down an all star,
    Kaido was fighting both as well as Ashura Doji who is commander level himself, denjiro who I think is also commander level amd kawamatsu, who’s also supposed to be very strong…

    No on the island except Big Mom would be able to take on all the scabbards together… Let alone, fight the supernova later.. And yamato and so on…

    I am going to go even further and say even if it’s a 2v1 always bet on kaido….

  12. This is what GODA always does… WB was hyped as the strongest man in the world at his time and almost all of us think he took the L from akainu. Not really… He beat the shit and snot out of him, tanked like, hundreds of attacks and it took 3 admirals to damage him (though inu dealt the most, zaru and kiji did their part too). If the strongest man at his twilight was capable of that, imagine what the strongest creature that has never lost a 1v1 is capable of. Having said all this, I’m still confident in luffy’s abilities but, he’s gonna get beaten really, really, really badly (I’ll be honest, I won’t be surprised if luffy loses a limb). So, I’m not surprised that Kaido is here after all that. I don’t really know if big mom would tank all that but, she possibly could. Luffy beating kaido will be more of a finishing blow than a full fledged, all out clash.

  13. I love when people are like “see Kaido is weaker now” but act like Luffy hasn’t been taken out clean in this fight already. He’s not just waiting on the sideline coming in fresh. Kaido hasn’t even broken a sweat yet but he’s weaker than the guy who has already lost this fight like 20 minutes ago. Fucks sake.

  14. Someone get Kaido a senzu bean, Luffy keeps coming back and demands 1 on 1 while he’s exhausted, it’s unfair. Screw luffy’s durability or plot armor or main character buff shit. Poor Kaido 🙁

  15. “But how can he be tired?”

    “How can Shanks/BB/Akainu be a challenge for Luffy after he beats Kaido?”

  16. And people be: “Luffy is finally Yonko level”. Yeah, wake me up when Luffy can stay awake after anything comparable hitting him.

    Kaido has taken all that and only now has started to barely look like it’s having some effect on him.

  17. Unpopular opinion: Luffy is NOT Yonko level.

    Edit: The downvotes prove how much this bothers some people. How many downvotes can I get??!! ????????

  18. This is the reason why I think it is OK for luffy to beat kaido without being the strongest.
    Because imo it is still to early for that.