Why does the Navy always send basic naval troops to arrest high-bounty pirates?

They always do this. Like “Hey Jim, I know it’s your first day and all…. But, you gotta go up to Blackbeard himself and tell him that he’s under arrest or he’ll be shot. I’m sure he’ll understand.” I swear, they must have some Star Wars-esk cloning machine for these naval troops considering how lightly and without -care they do to these soldiers. And what human being would have the balls to go straight up to Blackbeard himself and tell him he’s under arrest? No one would, only a person without balls would do some sort of thing. I hate it.

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  1. It’s a numbers game.

    Statistically speaking there are more grunts than captains.

    More captains than vice-admirals.

    And more Vice-Admirals than Admirals.

    The higher members can’t be everywhere at once.
    It’s one of the things Akainu hates about his job.

  2. These in the screenshot had just bad luck. No one was expecting him there. They just securing the area, knowing Hancock was in the palace. Normally i think they (navy) keep them back from this kind of monsters and they use them as support.

  3. At this time Fujitora and Greenbull are at or near Mariejois. Kizaru is unaccounted for but we know the egghead invasion has been in preparation for months, and that occurs only a couple weeks after this event. Akainu is a fraud and Sengoku and Garp are retired…

    They sent Koby and several Vice Admirals who at least one of which must be stronger than Koby, as well as a seraphim. Considering they didn’t even know Blackbeard would be there, it’s not such a horrible lineup to have sent

  4. That’s how you produce strong officials, if you face an emperor and survive, you are strong, you sacrifice 1000 regular soldiers hoping one of them come out of this with strong haki and a strength that is worth a promotion. That’s how Garp trained Luffy (kinda), by throwing him into impossible situations, he survived and came out stronger every time.

  5. I think there are 3 scenarios where this happens:

    1. The marines just send some cannon fodder to pretend they took action to keep up appearance

    2. The weaker soldiers are send there to stall for time

    3. Marines have no one powerful nearby so they just send whoever is there because its worth a shot.

  6. It’s a writing thing I’d guess. A few factors from having fodder and what that can be used for to how large of a presence oda wants the marines to have in the world. If you look at the marines in general they are pretty weak but are at nearly every location this makes them have a presence so they can be the “cops” but not enough to stop pirates cause it’s the new pirate era.

  7. Numbers might help dissuade the pirates into surrendering. Specially since you never know who might pull a DF power out of their asses, or something of the sort. Also not every pirate is immune to bullets and swords. BB for example, while catastrophically strong, is still weak if you manage to hit him, and of course, that’s extremely difficult, but your chances go up if you have 200 men shooting at him at the same time.

  8. It’s because guns still work on most people, even the strong ones.
    So there is a chance, with a great volley of bullets, to score some hits.
    And most Pirate crews also have weaker targets to shoot en masse.

    Sailing a ship also needs a crew, a big one for Marine ships.

    If you sent lots of grunts into battle, there is a higher chance a few of them grow stronger and rise in rank. Adversity makes strong fighters.

  9. The troop went there to capture boa who has an army there. Zehaha wasn’t expected to be there. Besides most top officers don’t give a f about foot soldiers. But you can see these kind of incidents as a test also since strong people come from among those soldiers only.

  10. >”Hey Jim, I know it’s your first day and all…. But, you gotta go up to Blackbeard himself and tell him that he’s under arrest or he’ll be shot. I’m sure he’ll understand”


  11. They sent 2 seraphim, a vice admiral, and Garp’s #1 protege to take down Boa Hancock. That is a reasonable force, probably even more than is needed.

    Blackbeard on the other hand was NOT expected to be there. He came specifically to capitalize on the Kuja vs Marines havoc and steal Boa’s DF. Had they known they’d also be taking on a Yonko and part of his crew, they almost certainly would’ve sent an even more powerful force.

  12. I got the impression these guys didn’t know they were challenging the Actual Blackbeard and two of his top officers. They probably thought they tracked down some middling captains working for Blackbeard.

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