Stop this moralistic crusade trend

Is it possible that after more than 25 years of OnePiece serialization there are still people complaining about the characters’ outfits or behaviors? I just have enough of reading this group posts and been tired of this bigotry going on, at the point that I started thinking it’s not anymore a random thing, but something organized.

Please, if you, OnePiece readers, don’t feel yourselves at ease with what Oda sketches, don’t buy the product and you will score a bigger point for your cause than complaining. Nobody is forcing you to buy or read it, and Oda and Shonen Jump don’t care about your feelings, they care about the amount of copies sold.

Yes freedom of speech is always allowed, but come to terms and stop waisting time writing ridiculous and moralistic posts about half naked characters or how they behave.

For all the other people, can we please start down voting those posts? For me are ruining this community-group experience.

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