Comment like One Piece is real

Yo this crazy kid with a straw hat just punched a celestial dragon. Pretty sure we’re all about to die.

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  1. Damn, I love living in Dressrosa, but somehow I feel like something is missing from my life. I like my job serving in a restaurant, but I feel like things were better with the old king. Now weird stuff happens, like this crackhead 19 year old who ate a ton of food and got super mad when I talked about King Doflamingo. Ah well, maybe going to see the Colosseum fights today with my toy doll wife will cheer me up.

  2. How come these peasants dare set foot on the holy land of Marijoa and cause such a ruckus ? Do they not understand their rightful place is below us ?

    And now i only have 2 slaves left ? Thieves ! Rascals !

    Have them flogged and thrown down to the surface, i grew bored of them anyway.

    In fact – Father ! Let us go down to Sabaody, i want to buy new slaves.


  4. Dog, I’m fucking shipwrecked on this island and there’s no one else here, and I look around and find a big ass pile of treasure with the words “Gol D. Roger wuz here” carved into a nearby rock

  5. Lol get punched bozo

    edit: of course i meant the straw Hat. the celestial dragons are pretty cool, Especially charlos with his pretty Locks. Pushing anti-celestial dragon stuff? ME? lets not be silly here

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