If the strawhats never had a timeskip, how far would they make it into the New World?

Almost certainly they’d fail at WCI and Wano, not even sure if they’d clear Dressrosa or Punk Hazard tbh

If the strawhats never had a timeskip, how far would they make it into the New World?

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  1. They would have died at the Kraken lmao

    Not even sure they would have escaped round 2 of sabaody with just sentomaru and pacifistas

  2. If the plot was exactly the same and they faced all the same villains at the same time then they wouldn’t even make it to Fish-Man Island. They would have been defeated by Caribou because they still had no way to deal with logia users.

    If we ignore stuff like Caribou and Hody Jones because of timeline stuff, then they might have made it to an island or two but they would have lost at Punk Hazard if they went there because of Caesar and the logia problem.

  3. All the other Supernovas made it. Granted, they did it while suffering quite a bit (losing am arm, having to serve yonkou, etc.), but still they all survived

    I think the steawhats would have had a similar experience

  4. Depends, if they took the same exact path and same situations happened they would of stopped at dressrosa, but as law and most of the worst generation were fine until running into a Yonko, but if the timeline was different they wouldn’t of got the distress call to go to punk hazard then wouldn’t go to fight doffy and kaido so would of taken a different route, they would of been fine until running into a Yonko along the way

  5. Since they would’ve taken a different route they may make it far but struggle with heavy hitters. I’m also basing this on kidd’s crew since they went straight to the nw and seemed fine till yonko trouble.