Who would you be in the one piece universe and why?

While sailing across the Atlantic (on the same program Iñaki did, but different ship) I asked the first mate which character I would be in One piece

If you ever met the guy you’d know he absolutely looks like the type of guy to be on Shanks’ crew. He’s an avid one piece fan and would totally be Beckmann if he were in universe.

When I asked him who he thought I’d be he said

“in an emperors crew you’d probably be with the Blackbeard Pirates or with Buggy. In general you’d absolutely be Bepo. You’re a great navigator, you’d make a great first mate, if you were an animal you’d definitely be a polar bear, and you give me heart pirate vibes”

Who would you be in the one piece universe and why?

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  1. I’d just be some background character who never leaves the safety of his moderately populated town.

    Fuck piracy, that shit is scary.

  2. I’d want to be Panda Man.

    He’s everywhere, and I know his plot armor would keep me alive better than Luffy’s.

  3. ace because being part of a yonkou’s crew, making out with yamato and dying seems interesting to me

  4. I’d be honestly like Koby, starting out a weak ass nerd but then glows up and becomes a worthy oppenent

  5. I would be the murderer of Ask D question and would get a place in marijuana

    Life is set bro💨💨

  6. You know that marine that gets blasted across the wall by luffy and dies instantly in Marineford?

    Yea that guy