Blackebear taking second Devil Fruit

Why did Blackbeard conceal himself while boasting about his ability to steal a second Devil Fruit?

Blackebear taking second Devil Fruit

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  1. Its unknown so far. People theorized its one of the yami yami fruit abilities to “steal” others devil fruit powers so maybe he needs to be in complete darkness to steal someone elses power. Its either that, or he didnt want anyone else to see so nobody can copy him. Nobody really knows yet.

  2. I think it has to do with his powers requiring darkness to work, but Marco states its only possible because Blackbeards body is weird, so it seems equally related to Blackbeards physiology as it does his fruit ability

  3. It’s because BB had to suck the devil fruit powers from white beards dick for 3 minutes, that’s why it’s covered up.

  4. Some theories go that Blackbeard actually has three fruits, his first being not darkness, but some mythical zoan with three heads or hearts that allows the consumption of more fruits. He’s got this Three symbolism going on, three beard-tails, three pistols, three skulls, and Luffy and Zoro referred to him as ‘them’.

    The best guesses at the actual fruit seem to be Cerberus or, perhaps slightly more likely due to the eight arms on BB’s flag, some sort of octopus, as they got three hearts.

    If all that is true, perhaps he needed to transform to consume the additional fruits, and so needed the shroud to hide that form.