Again; Akainu should’ve died at Marineford to Whitebeard.

This guy’s accomplished nothing as an antagonist other than killing the MC’s Brother and Genociding an island.

He had no further reason for development, and the WG deserved to take a massive L at Marineford besides what they already took. Imagine the shock one of the Admirals was destroyed by a Sick and Old Whitebeard would have sent, especially what was to occur next with Blackbeard.

An Akoiji Fleet Admiral opens the door for a lot more respectable and likeable Navy, especially with Fujitowa coming in soon.

Again; Akainu should’ve died at Marineford to Whitebeard.

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  1. its almost like he took a political job and now he is forced to deal with the headaches of running a massive company of tens of thousands of people trying to protect thousands of Island well appeasing to CDs.

    which makes sense because Akainu last appearance he is seen complaining about his job, and that becoming Fleet admin has done nothing but make his life harder.

  2. He has taken the role of Sengoku. How many time did you see Sengoku fight? Marineford, he did ONE punch on Luffy. That’s it. Akainu has already shown more action than Sengoku ever did.

    Akainu is definitely going to be one of the middle boss on the last arc considering the elders and the knights are behind.

  3. We don’t *want* a more respectable and likeable Navy. We want someone for Luffy to punch. The World Government is evil, remember?

    And Marineford was a tragedy. The bad guys won. Blackbeard replaced Whitebeard and Akainu replaced Sengoku. That’s the point of the arc.

  4. There is still a lot of story left to write off any character. It would be stupid and premature to say some character was useless when the story is still going on. Hell, Oda is still introducing new characters at this point. According to your logic maybe Usopp should also be killed off because he has not had any development in years.

  5. Guys shanks shouldve died to the king of the coast, all he has done so far is give luffy a hat and drink.

    He had no further development, and the red hairs deserved a massive L besides the one they already took. Imagine the shock value if one of the emperors of the sea died to some random sea monster.

    And a Buggy emperor really opens the door to a lot more respectable pirates, especially with alvida coming soon.

  6. Shit, man, that’s one of the dumbest takes I’ve seen all day. How do you read this far into One Piece and have such a defective understanding of the story and how Oda writes it?

  7. >other than killing the MC’s Brother

    Don’t forget the random Marine he toasted. Sack o’ Dookie’s only two victories in the whole series are killing some no-name mook and a dude who literally jumped into his fist.

  8. Good meme, bad discussion, I think that’s part of the point of his character. He talks about it in a recent chapter.