One piece is one of the best masterpieces in terms of primary education.

TL,DR: I finished watching the anime a pair of weeks ago after 3 months, I devoured it, and I wanted to make an appreciation post because I’ve not so much people to talk about it, thanks for your time 🙏🏼.

It teaches us that family doesn’t necessarily means father mother and kids with Luffy, Nami and Sanji backstories; it teaches that people do mean things not just to hurt but they can be forced into it with Nami’s arc; it teaches that you can overcome your fear with determination with Chopper and Zoro; it teaches that it’s ok to call for help with Nami and Alabasta’s arc; it teaches that being strong is nothing since there can be some idiot stronger then you with Enel and Luffy’s fight; it teaches that there can be a lot of ways to be yourself with Franky, Ivankov, Yamato and Kiku; it teaches that there’s different sexualities with Bon Chan and newkamas island; it teaches that life is precious, is never too late and the only way to kill yourself is by not letting other people to bring joy in your heart with Robin; it teaches that men and women should live together in peace with woman’s isle arc (and that seduction is not everything with Boa Hancock); it teaches that friendship is everything at Impel Down (and almost in every episode); it teaches that race discrimination and hate can dovouer men from the inside with fishman island and Arlong’s arcs (I loved how the more pills hody took the more he grew stronger and the more he killed himself with pills/hate); it teaches that you should always defend the oppressed in sabaodi arc (and in almost every arc); it teaches that manhood is not just being strong and cool but also being kind and gentle with señor pink and Franky; it teaches that loyalty can make you sacrifice anything with a smile on zo island and wano; it teaches that even society scums can redeem themselves and be heroes with Kozuki Oden and his followers (sex harassers, killers and brigands are in his group); it teaches that the most annoying people can be a great friend (if not the best) with Brook and Usopp (if we want to say it all the strawhat members are the most annoying people in the world but still I love them all). Finally it teaches that the engine of the world, what makes everything possible, even overcoming fears, difficulties and monsters is joy, nothing warms my hart more than seeing a good laugh on the face of who lost everything in his life, but joy can heal what 100 years can’t.
So thanks to Oda for teaching all of this to everyone that read this absolute masterpiece, Joy of life and determination is everything. May this be a teaching to all the series and films that speaks about the same things with hatred and sadness and also to the ones who criticise anything that doesn’t align with propaganda.

P.S. sorry if this may be too long and a bit useless but anyway thanks for your time, I hope you can be as joyful as possible as Oda’s masterpiece is teaching me in this exact moment.

One piece is one of the best masterpieces in terms of primary education.

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