Why only Blackbeard can “CUT” Buggy (not even Mihawk)

-Most character can beat buggy but only Blackbeard can beat him by Cutting him

-The whole point of Chop-chop fruit is being able to cut yourself or get cut by anything

-only way to “CUT” buggy is by disabling his fruit that only certain someone can do

-Drowning only weakens the DF user, it Doesn’t affect the powers of devil fruit (Luffy in Arlong park)

-Being unconscious only deactivate devil fruit effects outside of the user (luffy is still “Rubber” when asleep)… Sometimes it doesn’t

-Haki only allows someone to negate the Tangiblity of Logia users… It Doesn’t affect thier power (they can still morph thier bodies)

-Haki can only negate DF power that is passively used on them (Doc q and Law / Kaido and law)

-But only Blackbeard has shown power to zap away someone’s Devil fruit power

Conclusion: Mihawk can beat Buggy by any other means but not cutting

Why only Blackbeard can "CUT" Buggy (not even Mihawk)

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  1. Blackbeard nullifying other peoples isn’t his haki. It’s his blackhole devil fruit. Part of that fruits power specifically is the ability to absorb and nullify any devil fruit power. Yes Blackbeard would be able to defeat Buggy by cutting him if could touch him.

    Also your conclusion makes no sense. Anyone can beat Buggy by any other means but not cutting. That’s exactly how Luffy beat him twice back in East Blue.

  2. We have no reason to believe buggy’s fruit is special in that haki doesn’t affect it either, we’ve seen haki go through passive defenses of fruits like with Luffy and there’s really no reason for it to be different with buggy. Unless he separates his body before someone cuts him with haki then he’d probably get cut.

  3. Haki allows you to hit luffys body as if it weren’t made of rubber. And damaged him with blunt attacks that would normally do no damage.

    Logically the same should apply to buggy.