BB Might summon Rocks D. Xebec!!

We know that Blackbeard always does something unexpected just like that time where he stole WB’s devil fruit…Blackbeard has captured 3 important characters that could bring him to Rocks.. Pudding’s devil fruit allows her to turn people’s memories into strips of film and manipulate them..And why is BB going to use that ability u might ask? Well because Garp was the one that was in God Valley and witnessed everything…BB will see Garp’s memories and he will learn more about the God Valley incident and I also think that he will findthe location of Rocks D. Xebec’s body.BB will then try to use Gecko Moria’s devil fruit to put a shadow of someone really strong (probably Garp himself) into Rocks body…Imagine if Luffy sees the Shadow of Garp in Rocks body…
I’m telling y’all do not underestimate this mf, i definitely see him doing this
or even worse…

BB Might summon Rocks D. Xebec!!

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  1. The problem with that is that putting a shadow in Xebec’s body ruins the whole ‘bringing him back’ thing. Using Grap’s shadow for example will have Xebec’s corpse fighting and acting like Garp. It wouldn’t really be Xebec at all, or even a clone of him. Kinda lame for a legendary character to return just to be a vessel for someone else.

    I do think there is a non-zero chance Xebec comes back tho. Either as a Seraphim, or Blackbeard does manage it somehow (maybe three souls theory, one of them could somehow be Xebec), just not with Moria’s power.