His Fruit will Reincarnate on The Sunny

TL;DR: Kuma is going to die on Egghead and his devil fruit will reincarnate into one of Nami’s tangerines.

So we’ve talked a lot about Kuma coming to Egghead, a lot about Kuma dying on Egghead, and a whole lot about who will inherit his fruit (since pre-timeskip). So let’s talking about the process.

Kuma is flying somewhere. We don’t know for sure where, but the prevailing theory is that it’s Egghead. That makes the most sense. It’s going to be somewhere on the New World side of the Red Line, so Sorbet Kingdom is ruled out (it’s in South Blue, on the Paradise side of the Line). No where else has any obvious significance so from here out we’re going to assume he’s going to Egghead. The why isn’t important, just the where.

Next, Kuma is not surviving. This whole flashback may want you to see him get a happy ending, but it’s just not happening. Remember how extensively damaged he is from his brief scuffle with Sakazuki. With all the pain he’s suffered, dying *is* Kuma’s happy ending. Hopefully he gets to see Bonney and Nika and die in an epic final stand against Saturn, but he *is* dying here.

That leaves us with a question. When Kuma “dies”, how do we know? He’s a cyborg so how am we tell the difference in a “dead” Kuma and a malfunctioning Kuma? The devil fruit. When Kuma truly dies, his devil fruit will reincarnate. As of know, we know some part of him is still alive because he still has his fruit power. We’ve never seen an inanimate object with a paramecia power, only Zoans, so the continued presence of the Paw Paw powers mean that Kuma hasn’t yet died. His soul is still present in the machine. But when he does finally die, his power will leave him and reincarnate in a new fruit. Which fruit? One of Nami’s tangerines.

The “One of Nami’s Tangerines with become a Devil Fruit” Theory is quite old at this point. For along time, it revolved around Monet’s Snow fruit, but at this point I think we can say that theory is well and truly dead. The Straw Hats have probably eaten all of the fruit that was on the trees during Punk Hazard and no one got snow powers or exploded. But the core idea still works and can be applied again to Kuma’s paw fruit. If he dies on Egghead, then we will know for sure when one of the mikan fruits transforms. Design wise, it’s possible. We’ve seen the fruit now and it has a round shape with bumps on that top that doesn’t look too unlike an exaggerated citrus. And besides, transforming may somewhat alter the fruits shape.

So who gets it? Oda has previously hinted that one of the Straw Hats would get it (it’s a very old gorowase theory that Oda acknowledge in the SBS in Volume 59 and I’m not explaining it here. Look it up if you want to read it.) The classic answer has always been Vivi. The running complaint from powerscalers and the like is that Vivi is too weak to join the crew (~~as if strength is the only thing that matters~~ I don’t have time for that rant). But if she got the Paw Paw fruit, she would immeasurably become one of the best support characters in the series. This idea has also gotten new life thanks to theories around Nefertari Lily having had the same fruit and using it to scatter the Poneglyphs. If not Vivi, I think Usopp would be a good choice. Give the sniper near infinite range.

Okay theory over. Thanks for making it this far.

His Fruit will Reincarnate on The Sunny

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  1. I really hope you are right but we’ve been making “x fruit will reincarnate on the sunny” theories for the full decade I’ve been reading this manga. At some point I really hope one of these theories ends up being correct

  2. Kuma could have a happy ending in the sense that we know his memories are on egghead, so his memories/personality could likely be restored before finally seeing Nika emerge and Bonney safe. Even if a happy ending is dying with a smile

  3. >nobody got snow powers or exploded

    I don’t think anybody would accidentally eat a DF without questioning it if it looked nothing like tangerine anymore, lol.

  4. I think that Kuma was scaling Red Line and attacking Mary Geoise because his consciousness was transferred to the ancient Robot and vice versa. Then the Ancient Kuma received enough damage, or a signal of some type to return to egghead. Kuma Robot will arrive while Luffy is in his next G5, Ancient Kuma will land, and both will join the fight.

    I also like the theory of Kuma expelling all the damage from his robot body and hitting Saturn with it. So the Strawhats escape egghead with VP, Saturn dies, Bonney receives Kuma’s fruit as a memory of her father.

  5. I just want to see the strawhats in a situation where they are safe and have a whole devilfruit and see how that plays out and what they do with it

  6. Super cool theory dude!
    I hope this happens.

    I’ve been waiting for vivi’s return but I don’t just want her to be a princess in distress. The fruit would scale her up pretty fast

  7. I like it! I also never imagined the scenario of a Fruit-User not noticing, but now I’m cackling at the image of Chopper just exploding into a cloud of fur as the others agree they should probably throw those trees out now.

  8. I love the idea of one devil fruit coming from the orange tree of nami, but i always thinked the devil fruit came from the sea, like in an opening, and we didnt knew from where they came.

  9. This is one part of one piece thaat I truly dislike. Devil fruits reincarnating to the nearest matching fruit? I maay be wromg in this, how does bon clay get a devil fruit that someone in wano was using? Do they not have fruits in wano that converted when the old witch using it died? Same for the baari bari fruit.


  11. Ok, I quite enjoy this theory and it seems pretty likely from what we know now. But concerning this line:

    “We’ve never seen an inanimate object with a paramecia power, only Zoans,[…]”

    I’m going to point out a theory I’ve been thinking over. I think blackbeard’s ring(possibly multiple rings) is(are) paramecia/paramythia imbued.

  12. If I can add my own personal theory. Once it reincarnates, Carrot will finally come out of her barrel and eat the fruit then join the crew. So the crew will have the will of Kuma within it.

  13. Yeah like when Monet died….. pffffffhahahahah we are never gonna get to see a DF on the Sunny sorry

  14. >Next, Kuma is not surviving. This whole flashback may want you to see him get a happy ending

    I don’t know, Oda is writing this story after all….

    Also you never even explained why his fruit will reincarnate on the sunny

    >The running complaint from powerscalers and the like is that Vivi is too weak to join the crew

    What a stupid ass complaint, when Ussop has been part of the crew since the beginning.

  15. Don’t know if I love the idea of one of the Straw Hats eating it, although maybe Usopp’s slingshot eating it could be cool.
    The main reason is that none of the Straw Hats really have that connection to Kuma, nor do they really carry on his will. Only person with the link to his will would be Luffy but that’s just because of the Nika connection.

  16. If this happens my money is on Nami or Usopp. I think I’m leaning towards Usopp as that would be a great power up for his sniper skills. Anything becomes ammo for him.

  17. My thoughts:

    The ability to take pain/damage away would work well for a doctor. So maybe Chopper.

    But the teleportation would be invaluable to a navigator, so possibly Nami.

    Then again, you have to throw the bubbles, so a marksman like Usopp could also benefit.

    Lot of options.

  18. I highly doubt that it’d be Usopp who gets it unless he can make it synergize with his slingshots rather than replace it, but I like the idea of Vivi getting the fruit, simply because there’s a fine symbolism in Vivi eating a devil fruit transformed from a fruit Nami holds dear (no this isn’t just me shipping Nami and Vivi shut up shut up shut up).

    Besides the “who gets the devil fruit,” which is something we both can agree is up in the air, this honestly checks out. 10/10 certified most coherent theory I’ve seen all year.

  19. There’s one crucial thing that might make Kuma survive. Vegapunk might have made a clone body for him, and his memories are in that big bubble and will be transported into the new body along with his mind/soul.

  20. The one that makes the most sense is the snow snow fruit. It fits Nami perfectly with her whole weather suite of powers and it’s her Orange Grove so she ought to have dibs. She’s also Swedish so there’s another tie-in.

  21. Kuma dies, Paw paw get’s transferred to one of mikan, S-Bear gets Kuma’s memory. I’m riding this one

  22. I only have one issue with this. The logistics. Green blood(according to the translation on tcb) is created from the Lineage Factor the paramecia user. It is blood with an additive synthesized from the current user, not the lineage factor of the devil fruit.

    Sbear has modified Kuma genetics. He is essentially Kuma, but he still needed the additive to use his abilities. This implies just cloning a person would not clone thier power.

    Should Kuma die, would the devil fruit reincarnate normally or go to Sbear directly since he is running a psuedo version. If it doesn’t transfer to him directly, since it’s based on kumas genetics/devil fruit, would the additive no longer work?

  23. Never crossed my mind to imagine Ussopp with a Devil Fruit.

    Paw Paw fruit would be incredible!

    Plus it would help him in the ol defence side of someone gets close