10 Pieces of One Piece Trivia That People May or May Not Know (Or Care About)

1. The Walk to Arlong Park, as iconic as it is, is an anime only scene and is not in the manga.

2. The piece of music used in the “Nothing Happened” scene, while often thought to be the track named “The Very Very Strongest”, is actually “Luffy’s Fierce Attack.”

3. At the end of the Warship Island filler arc that takes place before reverse mountain, Nami sends arc antagonist Eric to his death by pushing him into the ocean where he is unable to swim due to being a devil fruit user.

4. The OST commonly know as Franky’s Theme was used as early as Alabasta, during the Usopp/Chopper vs Mr 4/Ms Merry Christmas fight, around 100 episodes before Franky’s debut in the anime.

5. The Long Ring Long Land arc in the anime is different compared to the manga. The 3-round Davy back fight eventually becomes two full events including anime original games such as a track race, a dodgeball match, and a red light green light game.

7. In episodes 299-319 of the anime during the climax of the Enies Lobby arc, Nico Robin is voiced by second voice actress Yuki Kobayashi instead of her regular voice actress Yuriko Yamaguchi.

8. The scene at the end of Enies Lobby with Going Merry made me cry like a baby when I watched it for the first time.

9. During the nearly 4 year lifespan of the Wano Arc, the manga Chainsaw Man part 1 began and finished serialisation.

10. One Piece has had 7 official popularity polls in its lifetime. The main protagonist of the series Monkey D. Luffy has taken the #1 spot in every poll. Roronoa Zoro has taken the #2 spot in 6/7 polls, losing to Trafalgar Law in the fifth popularity poll.

10 Pieces of One Piece Trivia That People May or May Not Know (Or Care About)

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  1. Bonus: “CoC” or “Color of Conqueror” is a term coined by fans. This ability is referred to as either Conqueror’s Haki or Color of the Supreme King in official translations of the series.