Who was in the wrong in this scene? Luffy or Usopp?

Who was in the wrong in this scene? Luffy or Usopp?

Who was in the wrong in this scene? Luffy or Usopp?

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  1. I don’t see how anybody could argue Usopp was in the right when Usopp admitted that he already knew the ship couldn’t be fixed the entire time. He was just being bitter and insecure over thinking he’s too weak to be on the crew and taking it out on people who never felt that way about him.

  2. Definitely Usopp, Luffy explained everything calmly right after Usopp regained consciousness, even apologized for making the decision while Usopp was unconscious, also it wasn’t like they left Usopp alone, Luffy was right there waiting for Usopp to recover and to deliver the decision personally

    Usopp was being stubborn, letting his emotions and insecurities get the better of him and disrespecting his captain after all what Luffy explained, what Usopp did(thinking that Luffy doesn’t care about Going Merry or that Luffy doesn’t want any weaklings in his crew) is straight up insulting Luffy

    If Usopp reacted accordingly, they would’ve said goodbye to Going Merry right then and there

  3. Oda crafted a really good miscommunication here, which built great tension for Water 7. While Luffy is feeling he should be more of a leader and move forward after speaking to Galley-La…Usopp is in his own head about how feeling helpless after Aokiji (he says as much before Water 7) & is the only one seeing Merry as a potential living crew member (after seeing it’s spirit in Skypeia).

    Luffy could have used his instincts to read into Usopp’s mood/demeanor, he’s usually good at reading people when he’s not goofing around. Usopp could have accepted the situation & tried to convince them of the “Klabautermann” as he knows the ship better than any of them. But they were both in their heads.

    Ultimately though, outside of that argument it was Usopp’s call for escalating it to leaving the crew and dueling Luffy. That was unnecessary but Zoro wanting him to apologize isn’t punishment for being “wrong” but holding Usopp to a standard that he knows his nakama can live up to (he’s even nervous when Usopp runs late to their departure). And it’s okay for him to admit he was wrong since Merry saving the crew should have left him feeling vindicated; it’s a trade off. A lot of Enies Saga is a B-plot of Usopp doing what he can to help until he realizes he belongs again.

    TLDR: Usopp, but I love his development through the arc because of it.

  4. Mostly usopp he was being stubborn because the ship was his connection back to kaya. Luffy did trip over his wording making the situation worse but even without that i think due to usopp the situation would have still ended similarly

  5. Both were. Usopp for letting his emotions cloud his judgement. Luffy for handling that situation terribly.

  6. Usopp was mostly wrong, but luffy could have been more honest. Usopp may not.have acted so harshly, but he also had an emotional connection to merry…which was the biggest catalyst to the argument. Luffy was being a good captain and I truly think it would.upset merry to sink with crew

  7. They were both right and wrong, to a degree of course. Usopp was wrong for letting his emotions get the better of him in the heat of the moment and not fully explaining why, likewise Luffy was wrong for not taking a bit more time to understand where Usopp was coming from. On the other hand, Luffy was right in terms of (his understanding) that it was the end of the road for Merry and wanted to be practical about it while TECHNICALLY Usopp was also right because it wasn’t really over with them being saved one more time by Merry ( Jump into the sea!). To each there own tho

  8. Usopp. Luffy didn’t do anything wrong, it’s unfair to expect him to act more bluntly than he already did. He is Luffy after all

  9. Usopp should have respected his captains decisions but Luffy should have been nicer about it. Yes, Luffy is Captain but he’s never behaved like a classic captain so this idea that Usopp should have accepted it without pause is weird.

    Ultimately it was a good thing this happened because it cleared up a lot of insecurity Usopp had about himself.

  10. Usopp and he knows it, which is why he gets Sokeking’s help and makes moves to make amends. (He also doesn’t act like he doesn’t have anything to apologise for and no one argues that Zoro is wrong on this point.)

  11. Neither. Or both.

    Ussop was projecting his own insecurities.

    Luffy wasnt explaining himself right.

    Its more complex than right or wrong.

  12. Usopp. Up until this point he was still trying to be “captain”.

    funny, this arc was the LAST time usopp had any growth in his character… it went downhill from here.

  13. Luffy. Going Mary is literally alive and the only reason the whole crew didn’t go to sleep at the bottom of the ocean at the end of Enies Lobby. In the rejoining scene, both Luffy and Usopp should have apologized

  14. Usopp is clearly at fault. Luffy would never abandon or change the ship unless there was no other choice. Luffy does not abandon his friends or care that they are weaker than him. If Luffy wanted to abandon the ship or Usopp for weakness he would have done that long before Water7.

  15. I think Usopp was partially justified as he’d seen the ‘soul’ of the ship in Skypeia, which turned out to be a very real thing. So he can’t be blamed for not wanting to abandon a ‘crewmember’.

    However Usopp was definitely wrong for how he acted and essentially guilt-tripped Luffy with his own insecurity, but I think he could’ve convinced Luffy to take a different approach (e.g. use some of Merry’s parts in the new ship) if he’d just taken the time to explain what he saw at Skypeia.

  16. Its actually as zoro said.When words don’t resolve you fight. And he was pissed at ussop for not adhering to result of the fight.

    And its ussop fault for leaving the crew, and he should apologise.

    And Ussop did.

  17. **Usopp was completely right.** It was more than a ship and it literally came alive to save them, otherwise they all would’ve been killed in that buster call.

    They made Usopp apologize for disrespecting his captain, and instead of having the crew apologize to Usopp for being correct Oda had Merry’s funeral, where they would instead apologize directly to Merry and say she wasn’t “just a boat.”

  18. Usopp just let his emotions get in way, and got carried away. It was definitely his mistake but still we can understand how he felt. Not to forget luffy reaction when finally saying good bye to going merry. It was one of the most emotional scene in whole series.