What would the straw hats’ lives be like without Luffy?

Zoro was an aimless bounty hunter that was known to “hunt” pirates.

Nami was a manipulative thief.

Usopp was a cowardly liar (and If we’re being honest, a bad influence on kids.)

Sanji was a pervert and prone to violence with no self worth

Chopper was timid, unsure, and unable to leave Dr. Kureha’s side.

Robin was an assassin forced to backstab and couldn’t trust anyone.

Franky was a gang leader that rushed to judgement and was constantly hiding his true identity.

Brook was lonely guilty ridden shadowless “revenant” with nothing to live for and no hope.

Jimbei was a former warlord with anti-human sentiments, spitted by both the government he served and the fishman he intended to protect.

Can you imagine how much worse their lives would’ve gotten without Luffys? Or do you think some or all of them might’ve have seen improvements in their lives in some ways? Some of them it might be debatable (like maybe Sanji and jimbei might’ve lived decent lives without), but surely Zoro, Nami,Brook, and Robin would’ve been lost without Luffy right?

What do you think?

What would the straw hats' lives be like without Luffy?

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  1. – The Fishmen may have eventually taken over the East Blue after killing Zoro and Sanji (who never meet)
    – Nami is never freed from Arlong
    – Usopp gets killed by Kuro
    – Robin remains on the run from the WG all alone. Probably finally gets taken down by Aokiji
    – Franky is just a gang leader in Water 7
    – Chopper remains a doctor on Drum Island
    – Brook is stuck in Thriller Bark
    – Jinbei rots in Impel Down

  2. Most of them would be dead.

    – Zoro gets executed by Captain Morgan.

    – Nami dies with residents of Orange Town trying to fight back against the Arlong pirates.

    – Usopp tries to protect Kaya but gets killed by Kuro.

    – Sanji stays on the Baratie. If Arlong pirates continued to expand, he’d be killed.

    – Chopper gets killed by Wapol along with Kureha and Dalton.

    – Robin gets killed by Crocodile.

    – Franky gets captured by CP0.

    – Brook drifts alone in the Florian Triangle. Maybe he’d get his shadow back if someone else came along and beat Moria, but I doubt he’d last long in the Grand Line alone.

    – Jinbe is locked up in Impel Down.

  3. Helmeppo kills zoro, Kuro kills usopp, nami still arlongs slave, and robin killed by crocodile. Don krieg takes over baratie probably killing sanji in the process, Franky captured and killed for pluton blueprints, brook still stuck in Florian triangle. Chopper would have still been with kureha he’d probably be fine, and jinbei still works for big mom.

  4. – Zoro (executed by Captain Morgan)

    – Nami (Continue working for the Arlong Pirates)

    – Usopp (Stuck in Syrup Village or killed by Kuro)

    – Sanji (Stuck at Baratie or killed by Don Krieg)

    – Chopper (Living with Kureha under Wapol’s tyrannical rule or executed along with her by Wapol)

    – Robin (Killed by Crocodile)

    – Franky (Still be at Water 7 with the Franky Family)

    – Brook (Stuck adrift through the Florian Triangle)

    – Jinbe (Stuck in Impel Down, possibly stay on as a Warlord)

  5. Zoro – executed

    Nami – Overworked to death

    Ussop – killed by kuro

    Chopper – still with the old doctor, alive

    Robin – Either killed by Crocodile, or by WG

    Franky – Killed by CP9 (he had the blueprint)

    Jimbei – Either still in Jail, or executed for incompliance to WG orders as a shichibukai

    Sanji – Alive in the restaurant ( Don krieg waa handled by Migoat ), or dead ( if mihawk arrived late)

    Brook – Wandering in the shadows

    As for the honorary strawhats

    Vivi – Killed by Crocodile

    Kinemon – Hunted by Kaidos crew

    Carrot – Alive

  6. * Zoro: Either executed by Captain Morgan/Helmeppo, or he escapes and gets lost and is never heard of again. Eventually killed by the Fishman Pirates after they overtake the East Blue.

    * Nami: Fully enslaved by Arlong when she and the Cocoyashi townsfolk rebel against him, after he has her stashed money stolen by Nezumi.

    * Usopp: Killed by Kuro/Black Cat Pirates while trying to protect Kaya and Syrup Village.

    * Sanji: Dies during the Mihawk/Don Krieg skirmish trying to protect Zeff and the Baratie.

    * Chopper: Killed while trying to protect Kureha after Wapol and his army get back to Drum Island.

    * Vivi: Murdered by Crocodile.

    * Robin: Either Crocodile kills her, or escapes and is eventually killed by Aokiji, or kills herself.

    * Franky: Either murdered by CP9 after they figure his identity out, or captured and sent to Impel Down, eventually executed.

    * Brook: Either dies while still adrift in the Florian Triangle, or eventually makes it back to Thriller Bark and dies there. In the unlikely event he recovers his shadow because Gecko Moria dies, probably ends up dead while trying to make it back to Twin Capes.

    * Jinbei: Executed for treason at Impel Down.

  7. Zoro would probably end up becoming fugitive after escaping Axe-Hand, but never becomes a pirate and most likely dies of hunger or joins a different crew as he can no longer collect bounties.

    Nami would end up remaining Arlong’s slave unless the Marines show up to put him down, in which case she gets executed as a pirate. (Unless it’s Garp who takes Arlong, in that case there is a possibility he will let her off if he learns the circumstances of her membership)

    Ussop gets murdered by Kuro.

    Sanji remains with Zeph until one of them dies. He might someday go off on his own.

    Robin betrays Crocodile and escapes with the polyglyph translation. She might actually be able to discover all the polyglyphs if she plays her cards right.

    Franky gets executed at Impel Down.

    Brook doesn’t escape from Thriller Bark and never works his way back to Laboon.

    Jimbe continues being Jimbe.