Gecko Moria Had Oden As A Zombie!?

I’m rewatching the One Piece anime, and I saw this dude and thought, “Man that sure looks like Oden”… I’m pretty sure this is his Zombie because Moria also had Ryuma, and we also know that Moria fought and lost to Kaido in Wano after Kaido had killed Oden. If this is actually him then it means Oda had Oden planned as a character for like 10 years before he was revealed #GODA

Gecko Moria Had Oden As A Zombie!?

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  1. Kaido fought Moria during the years Oden was dancing. Oden also died in a burning pot so there’s no corpse for Moria to steal.

  2. Only, Kaido didn’t kill Oden before he beat Moria, the order of events is exactly the opposite. Oden was very well still alive when the Beast & Gecko Pirates clashed.

  3. Well oda did foreshadow NAMI as a little girl when bellamere handstitched a lion onto a sun for her dress . It looked exactly like the thousand sunny face … That episode arlong park in what episode 40-50 area ? And we didn’t see the sunny till many years later ? So anything is possible

  4. Didn’t Moria have the ghost of one of Rocks Crew members? John I think??

  5. Unrelated but is Moria stupid why didn’t he steal Roger’s corpse and at least put his own shadow in it🤦🏽‍♂️

  6. Lol no if he did the story would have ended there oden would one shot everyone. Unless he was heavily nerfed

  7. Oda had everything planned from the start idk why this surprises anyone still

  8. I question whether you’re a zombie or not, watching One Piece on Netflix.

  9. Man how do you have so many seasons, my netflix only goes till Skypiea 😭

  10. Wait a minute One Piece is in Netflix? (I from Spain and the spanish Netflix haven’t One Piece)