Which TEAM is the last one standing? (There’s match rules in the comment section)

Which TEAM is the last one standing? (There’s match rules in the comment section)

Which TEAM is the last one standing? (There’s match rules in the comment section)

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  1. Team D is the only one with top tier cooperation to a high degree, Garp and Sengoku just elevate each other with good tag team abilities. Add in luffy with gear 5 and Kid and Law’s surprisingly effective team ups they beat the rest

  2. ❗️RULES❗️

    Same rules as before. With slight adjustments.

    * **don’t forget to use a spoiler tag for manga events!**

    * **it’s a battle royale, that takes place in wano(yes, the entire country)**

    * **Each team will spawn SEPARATELY, They can then decide on their course of action.**

    * **Everyone is in character, but no morals.**

    * **You’re not allowed to fight your own teammates, however you are not forced to work together.**

    * **no plot armor**

    * **Whitebeard/blackbeard doesn’t automatically win if they destroy the country since a lot of people here can swim.(there is no out of bounds)**

    * **yes, there’s 2 Gura Gura no Mi here. Let’s just say vegapunk made a copy.**

    * **these posts are meant to be fun, So please be respectful to one another.**

    And finally, remember that’s it’s the last team **STANDING,** not the **STRONGEST.**

    Enjoy 🙂

  3. Individually I think team A wins but If we take teamwork into consideration I think Team B has a good shot

  4. I don’t understand how everyone is sleeping on team B like generally in One piece being strong just means you either have a logia or know how to use Haki at an advanced level or both. Everyone saying Team A is overestimating akainu and whitebeard and ill fight you if you still think otherwise. Marco being able to heal doesn’t make him a superior fighter it just gives him the ability to recover some damage in a drawn out fight. However ODEN AND ROGER are MONSTERS when it came to combat. Not to mention Zoro has devoted his entire life to being the best swordsman (excluding the few plot armor moments he rarely needs to “discover a new skill” that he subconsciously knew) and he’s never really lost any 1 on 1 fight besides the duel with Mihawk back in the east blue days.( if he has let me know when). AND THE STACK CONTINUES with none other than the dark king RAYLEIGH who can despite being well past his prime intimidate yonko/admiral level fighters SO IMAGINE HIS F******* PRIME with ROGER AND ODEN. ya’ll tripping

  5. Team A and C fucking implode. No one can trust the admirals in A, and no one trusts Blackbeard in C. Even if Kaido and Big Mom get their shit together to work together, there’s zero guarantee that Katakuri and King ever will. Perospero pretty much never got along with any of the Beasts Pirates.

    As for B, Mihawk prefers to work alone, so I think he’d just stand on the sidelines and sweep up any leftovers. Even though Issho is alright, I can’t see him fighting any marines. Hell, I’m pretty sure he’d go after Oden or Zoro.

    Lastly in D, Garp and Sengoku are besties, Garp and Luffy can probably work together for a common cause, Aokiji respects Sengoku and Garp so he’d go with whatever they want, and Law and Kid just get roped in by Luffy and Jinbe happily follows along.

  6. If there was plot armor I’d say D but since there’s not ima go with A since we don’t know much about gear 5 yet

  7. nahhh cant be predicted. no wayyyyy! All those big shots cant be predicted. Each of them has a 25% win rate. Thats all 😬

  8. Team B has probably the strongest swordsmen in the entire show. I’d have to go with team B here.

  9. At first I was thinking team A, but their strength disappears as they all go their own way, maybe shanks and WBwork together? Akainu and Kizaru work together but Rocks isn’t going to cooperate and Yamato/Marco would get overwhelmed by some of the other teams who are working together. Team B and C fall apart for similar reasons. Team D wins because they have top flight talent and I think all work together.

  10. Surprised so few are saying team b, i feel hella co operation from team b, half of it is Roger crew, zoro and sanji can work together when it comes down to it, mihawk and zoro are literally mentor and student, and fujitora doesnt really hate any of them and wouldn’t mind co operatibg

  11. All of ’em are overpowered. Can’t compare (strengthwise). The last one standing is the team with the best coordination, so i say B. No one here has any Ego issues and respect one another, they can gang up on others and win, but will have issues with Team D as they’re also the same. So tie between B and D.

  12. Team C.

    >!Shiki would just float his whole team (or only himself) to another tropical island and relax, while letting the other teams duke it out. Marco/Aramaki could try following them, but what can he do against those monsters? Even if they’re not complete. He could only carry as much. Last team standing. No out of bounds. !<😂

  13. Team… B. I could see an argument for team D but overall I have to imagine who has to have the better haki. Garp was apart of the group that took down the original yonko group, but he himself was never able to capture Roger. And since Rayleigh is also there, that sort of negates the team up between Garp and Sengoku since Rayleigh was also Roger’s second hand man and also battle partner. Team B has absurd Haki to it.

    Honestly it’s a question if team B can overcome the Toon force from Luffy. But given how his most powerful state is basically in it’s infancy, something Kaido kept up with. I think Team B with their compounding Haki has more than enough strength to beat team D.

  14. Im kinda leaning towards C since Kaido, BM, and Shiki are ones who have actually worked together and wouldn’t mind working together again for this fight

  15. Alot of good counters. Made me realize Shikis direct opposite is Fujitora. I feel like team B has an advantage being that the only one who cant swim is Fuji. The rest of the teams would have their majority taken out by the sea in some regard. Also, the team work seems more probable with 3 of the power houses already being in the same crew, Fuji respects strawhats to some degree and i could see him working with them in a desperate situation. And Curly Moss Crew are smart and would team up with who they needed to, to win.

  16. The only one completely to count out is team C, I feel like each of the other 3 have a chance. Good choices OP.

  17. Team B gotta be the strongest overall. 1 admiral, 3 Yonko Level fighters and 1 Pirate King. Can’t get any more stacked than that.

    Not only are they the strongest, they can also work together the best. Roger-Rayleigh-Oden are already crewmates. Mihawk-Zoro are sensei-student and we already know Zoro-Sanji. Plus Fujitora isn’t exactly the headstrong type.

  18. It’d be really Really hard for them, especially the “weaker” members but they’ll all work so damn well together considering luffy doesn’t necessarily hate them, Sure he could dislike Aokiji but he probably knows By now that Aokiji could’ve killed robin easily but let her go, he’s dumb but He apreciates and remembers Stuff when it’s about his friends

  19. Bro Team B for sure if just overall strength, you’ve got the most amount of top strength characters there.

    Roger, who’s definitively the strongest.

    Mihawk, who matches Shanks if not slightly bested by him

    *Prime* Rayleigh, who’s pretty much gonna slap Akainu, should be able to take BM evenly, and idk how that matches with Luffy at current level. Remember, older Rayleigh is slightly less than equal to Kizaru, and straight up weaker than BB.
    But in his *prime?* Dude is probably just slightly weaker than Roger (following how Zoro is just slightly weaker than Luffy *usually;* currently Luffy’s got way better AdCoC.)

    Fujitora prolly loses in a straight up match against Kizaru, Aokiji and BB, but I couldn’t say by how much. Admirals seem to be neck and neck (save Green Bull, he’s a wuss.)

    Oden was able to legitimately hurt Kaido worse than Zoro’s current best attack. His strength and ability to use AdCoC means he wins that matchup with Shiryu, Greenbull and Law (who doesn’t even have CoC.)

    While it’s a toughie, I think Zoro can pull the win bs Yamato, Katakuri, and Kidd. He’s and Yamato were the only two with AdCoC, though Kata (and Kidd too I believe) also have CoC so the potential is there. Yamato held Kaido off, but she didn’t seem able to injure/ stop him at all. Seems like Rayleigh v Kizaru; Rayleigh was able to match forna time, but admitted that he couldn’t really *beat* Kizaru. So Yamato <Kaido, not equal. Kidd is a tank, but Zoro can jist keep cutting…unless he takes the Swords, in which case…yikes.

    With Sanji’s current upgrades from Germa modification, he’s got hyper-fast regeneration and alot more strength than pre-Wano. He can meet King, or Marco, in the air (marginally) and as Monster Trio, he’s likely got the win over Jinbei. Marco held off both King *and* Queen though, so he seems to be the one to beat. But as shown a few times, people can match someone else to hold them back without directly matching their strength (Rayleigh v Kiz, Yamato v Kaido.)

  20. Can’t wait to talk about this on the OPU Channel 👀

  21. Since they’re in character, Team C and A simply self destruct. So team B vs D.

    The amount of synergy is pretty much the same: Roger Rayleigh and Oden have synergy, Zoro and Sanji have synergy, and Zoro and Mihawk have synergy.
    Garp Aokiji and Sengoku have synergy, Luffy and Jinbei have synergy, and Luffy Law and Kid have synergy.

    The only major issues I see: Jinbei can negate df abilities so Fuji may be at a disadvantage, and Kid’s magnet powers (team B is almost entirely swordsmen). In theory haki should negate the magnets though.

    It really depends on who gets the first knockout. I think team B has the fastest character, so if Sanji can blitz out Jinbei, then that leaves him free to help zoro with his opponent, and so on. So i guess Team B.

  22. Team C is the first to go since kaido and big mom ain’t no where near white beard, black beard or prime garp/sengoku feats, then team A would probably self destruct due to teamwork issue and lastly would be team D, not because of anything bad, just that they are fighting the king of the pirates at his prime and the strongest swordsmen to ever live. So team B is winning this

  23. Team D has already beat 4 out of 8 of team C

    Team A is pretty stacked but a few people on Team B has been shown to be on par with them

    Honestly too many variables, would really need to analyse each matchup to determine which one has the best odds

    I’d say D>C, A=B, then D might be on par with both A and B or above them (maybe)

    So maybe team D

    Team C is really lacking a top tier Haki user (no DF) imo (and half of them already lost to Luffy/Law/Kid)

  24. I think with these huge teams it’s really hard to say how the powers would really interact but Team D probably does have the easiest chemistry, they’d make the biggest sub team cells with Garp, Sengoku, and Kuzan and Law, Luffy, Kid, and Jinbei

    So i’d lean them just for that honestly.

  25. Looking at the rules it will be team a. They have strong hitters, the best support fighter in marco who flies around healing and supporting and kizaru will just chill offside without having to fight until most of the enemies are taken out.

  26. B or D imo

    There isnt a team that is much much higher than the others in terms of power so it would come down to working together.

    I think B team has slightly stronger indivudualities overall and characters that can do well on their own or fight together well ( part of same crews )

    But D has characters that have fought many fights together, Law and Luffy, Law and Kid, Jimbe and Luffy, Garp and Sengoku, Garp and Aokiji

    At first I saw Whitebeard and Shanks team A + Akainu and thought they’d be the strongest but these characters fighting styles dont merge well together and they are matched indivudually by the likes of Roger or Prime Ryleigh

    If this was before Wano arc it’d be way easier to chose lol

  27. I’d route for Team D but Team A and B are absolutely stacked. Team C would end up betraying each other immediately

  28. I’m going team C. Kaido + Big mom have great synergy. BB has two devil fruits then Kat on the team.
    Maybe team A though

  29. Shittttt each team is equal to the other. But i would go with the goats Sengoku and Garp. D

  30. In terms of firepower? Team A. They have 5 top tiers: 3 Admirals (one of which is the fleet admiral, and with two top tier logias among the 3 admirals), one of the best haki users ever (and the best haki user alive), and Prime Beard, who could clash evenly with PK Roger. It certainly helps that Yamato has decent experience with Advanced Conqueror’s, and that Marco is a solid First Commander by the time of Marineford.

    Team D has the best Co-operative feats, and a strong record of fighting top tiers. Certainly helps that they have some of the strongest Marines ever.

    Team C has a lot of hype with GL Shiki and Blackbeard, but Blackbeard is practically featless, and we don’t know how exactly powerful Shiki is canonically. They also have two emperors who have some… Pretty bad showings, granted the only reason that Big Mom and Kaido lost was because the plot demanded that they lose. If Oda weren’t playing favorites, One Piece would have ended on the roof top of Onigashima. When BB and Shiki get even more feats, then I’ll happily say Team C, but they just don’t have the showings right now.

    Team B has some heavy firepower, but I just dont see them beating Team A. Team A is just busted OP, and the only team that even stands a chance is Team B (Aokiji from D might be able to take on Akainu, but Luffy is still the weakest top tier in One Piece, following Blackbeard as the second weakest right now).

  31. Team B is stacked with some potential team ups. Team D has the highest chance cooperation, but has 2 characters that aren’t up to par with haki. Team C has no cooperation except for Kaido+Linlin, and can be generally countered by the other teams. Team A is really weird but could be shut down for the most part exceptions being Shanks and Whitebeard.

    Team D if Law plays as actual healing support for his team, otherwise Team B.