a quick Diamante vs Kyros painting!

a quick Diamante vs Kyros painting!

a quick Diamante vs Kyros painting!

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  1. Acrylic on 8″x10″ panel.

    I wanted to paint some cool, small Dressrosa scenes and showcase my second-favorite crew, but after this, I realize I need to buy some new brushes. These old ones aren’t getting the details as crisp as I’d like.

  2. Oh man I forgot the guy had a sunflower motif to go with the other sunflowers… Dude was an overgrown sunflower made to be much taller and superior than the rest and he was rightly cut down by Kyros

    Fun fact: sunflowers are the flower for father’s day!

  3. This is what I imagine a Dark Souls game boss would look like if the setting was bright and colorful but still extremely menacing. Diamante doesn’t even look human.

  4. It’s really cool to see good fanart of the less talked about moments of the series

  5. I love this, really makes it seem like David vs Goliath and The scene was done a lot of justice in the field of sunflowers. Nice job

  6. Why was Robin even in this fight, and also Diamanté is the ugliest man in all of OP

  7. I always thought diamante has one of the worst df out there. Its ridiciulous, but like weak ridiciulous.

  8. I swear, one day when I have enough money on the side I will get this panel in all its glory.

    [One of the coldest panels in One Piece](

  9. Diamanté is a pos but this painting is far from that. This is amazing. Incredible job dude.

  10. ah. yeah. who doesn’t know the feeling when you are drawing “just a quick one” and end up in the Louvre

  11. My guy, what does “quick” mean in this context and holy shit, show us what a not quick one looks like, pretty please?