My first try on my Rebecca Cosplay

My first try on my Rebecca Cosplay

My first try on my Rebecca Cosplay

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  1. Amazing job !

    Rebecca cosplays are peak “i’m confident in my body” and that’s hella cool !

  2. Clicked for 2 reasons.

    1: nice =p

    2: are you tall? Or is it just the angle of the picture? Cause the thumbnail cropped your head off and you looked super tall haha

  3. Great cosplay, how much does a costume like this cost to make? The accessories do look pretty expensive

  4. the trust you put in that bra 😭😭 girlie youre amazing & the cosplay is so damn good 😭😭❤️❤️

  5. Thinking of cosplaying as a one peice character at a Ren faire but I can’t think of anyone that fits the Ren setting

  6. Your waist is way to thick. Have you tried removing half your inner organs for a more realistic look?

  7. Great! Now you just need to enlist a rag tag group of pirates to overthrow the tyrants in your home

  8. Something about your expression reminds me of the classic One Piece pouty faces. 😅

    Like the pouty Hiyori from panel iforgot from chapter ialsoforgot

  9. Tbh, i know some ppl complain about the horny cosplays on this sub, but this is what Oda would really want here.