Who do you think is the certain man from chapter 1056?

Who do you think is the certain man from chapter 1056?

Who do you think is the certain man from chapter 1056?

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  1. Aokiji was the first person who came to my mind. I mean he is working with an emperor(BB) who might have the 4 th poneglyph

  2. There’s only three things we know about that guy (He’s a man, he has burn scars, and he’s important to finding the One Piece), so why do people ignore one or two of them?

    It can’t be any of those established characters; some of them don’t have burn scars in the first place, and none of them have close ties to the One Piece. It wouldn’t make sense for any of them to be a key to finding it.

    The idea of an Ohara survivor, for as unlikely as it is for now, makes more sense than any of those. Ohara was full of scholars who could read Poneglyphs, so if any other one than Robin survived, he’d likely have some nasty scars from the fire there. But even then, I don’t think it’s likely, since the idea wasn’t mentioned until now.

  3. The official translation just calls him “the man with the burn scar”. Given Law’s and Robin’s reaction panels after Luffy says “Huh? Burn scar? What do you mean?” while clearly showing off Luffy’s giant burn scar kinda makes me think Oda is just trolling with us here. Think about it, who is the one who is closest to the One Piece right now? Luffy has 3 road poneglyphs and has someone who knows how to read them. So if it’s not an entirely new character, my money is on Luffy being the man with the burn scar and Kid just being an idiot and not putting 2 and 2 together.

  4. I dont think it’s Sabo just because he already got a new nickname as the Flame Emperor, why would he be given another nickname for no reason.

  5. Someone else. Don’t really understand why people are so insistent on it being someone we already know

  6. Probably a survivor of Ohara like Robin. I mean why make this comment after the get a road poneglyph otherwise, if the marked by flames dude isnt able to read the poneglyph.

  7. Fujitora


    * Giant scar across his face
    * Past unknown
    * Crazy observation Haki
    * Potential “Voice of all things” due to observation haki?

  8. Could be aokiji or maybe even dragon

    I hope it‘s someone new tho always happy to see new characters tbh

  9. If only there was a character that could read the glyphs and had been presumably killed by flames…. Oh well, I don’t know, I will go eat some oden now…

  10. Aokiji or an ohara survivor since kidd can’t read ponegilphs so he needs someone to translate them

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