Wano was pretty crazy

Wano was pretty crazy

Wano was pretty crazy

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  1. It gave us probably the single best panel in One piece thus far, Roger laughing, It just encapsulates what One Piece is about.

  2. Wano had a massive lore dump and some of the heaviest events that will change the one piece world.

    I loved it cause it was one of those arcs that you knew would bring forth massive changes

  3. Best Arc Manga wise for me personally, Oda gave us so much confirmations on a Yonko’s Strength and endurance, War, Lore, Roger, Prime Whitebeard, Advanced Armament Haki, Conqueror’s Coating, Bounties, Rocks, etc!

    Anyone who says it’s not at least Top 5 or 6 is sleeping on this Arc

  4. crazy that despite how long wano was a lot of the big moments here were just in the last 10-15 chapters

  5. I get some of the criticisms but imo it was a fantastic arc that gave me so many beautiful weeks and discussions those 4 years!

  6. No it was boring and to long and a mid arc which to much Disappointments. I am happy that it is over

  7. Was trash

    Edit:u have to completely turn ur brain off to enjoy wano and that’s the harsh truth

    Arc was garbage just hype baits

  8. You might wanna specify the spoiler tag for anime onlys and people who aren’t caught up to the manga yet