Crocodile moment

Crocodile moment

Crocodile moment

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  1. I always like the explanation that he was stretched too thin while Luffy was pesky.

    He was managing the coup by himself and mistrusting his underlings, planning to betray Nico Robin who he was wary of, and he kicked luffy’s ass previously. This sort of loss happens in sports, and in battle manga.

  2. He got the Zabuza treatment— retroactively made way stronger and badass than his initial depiction.

  3. One Piece is a world where peoples’ dream make them strong. That’s why Buggy never died and somehow became a threat. (Because his defeat never impacted his will to find Captain John’s treasure, you could even argue that his defeat woke up his will to be a great pirate back again).

    A ennemy is defeated when his dream/hope is defeated. In Alabasta, Crocodile’s dream of ruling/oppression was faded. He was desperate for ancient weapons hoping they would give him the necessary boost against emperors. He felt he was too weak and he became the personnification of it.

    Same goes for Moria, well hidden in Thriller Bark, looking for flies and escaping the big shots.

    After his evasion, it seems like his spirit changed and his desire to face difficulty rose back to what it used to be when he was considered worthy of being a Warlord.

  4. I thought like this at well and i always felt like this would be such a big disadvantage to him but its kinda not true.
    I mean lets be real, nothing but plot armor saved luffy from croco back in Alabasta, because crocodile was way stronger than luffy.
    But lets assume a non main character of the story would walk in and challenge croco then this guy would at least be strong enough to know haki or he wouldnt stand a chance anyway.
    And since water/blood has the same effect as armament haki at best (water/blood doesnt improve your punch) its kinda irrelevant to croco if the other person got bloody hands or water.

  5. Crocodile nearly killed Luffy 2 or 3 times. Luffy only survived because of his ridiculous plot armor.

  6. He genuinely must’ve had major rust going on in alabasta. Afterward every battle he participates in he’s performing much better even though he really shouldn’t if he was weaker than Alabasta Luffy.

  7. Tbh, Crocodile was the first Kaido to Luffy at first. Completely defeats Luffy and then dips lol

  8. Hey man, a few months to a year in the lowest level of the harshest, toughest prison in the seas can make any criminal into an even more hardened criminal.

  9. honestly take away the fact that crocodile lost to luffy early on in the story, and he performs incredibily well and is a total badass.

  10. Something I don’t understand is why he didn’t use his logia powers in his final fight with Luffy and the way Luffy just punched trough of the sand attack of Crocodile at the end of the battle was pure bullshit, other thing I don’t understand is how he thought he could beat Whitebeard if he couldn’t beat Luffy or the Diamond guy.

  11. Now i can’t help but think the entire Alabasta arc was just luffy trying to get Crocodile wet.

  12. While it was too soon for Crocodile to lose to Luffy, we can make a handful of reasonable excuses:

    Initially, Crocodile defeated Luffy easily. Much like Mihawk did to Zoro, so it was fairly consistent (in my opinion)

    The whole water/blood weakness was a little lame, but it does make sense, and even then, Crocodile beat Luffy a second time, and Luffy was lucky to have water fall on him so he didn’t dry out.

    By their third meeting, Crocodile had already lost everything he had worked so hard to build and he was just over the fact that this random rookie kept coming back after being killed twice already. This man was probably having the worst day ever. lol,

  13. Impel Down and Marineford made Crocodile into one of my favorite characters. Absolute gigachad.

  14. So being defeated by the protagonist made him *stronger*.

    That’s the opposite of how enemies joining the player works in games

  15. Im glad he was able to get past pre-ts luffy easily. For a former warlord, I would expect him to be a decent player in the world

  16. To be fair he killed Luffy two or three times.

    The latter just miraculously survived because he’s the main character.

  17. I like to think that even though his personality makes him better suited for villainy, he’s just mediocre at it ; however, he has a natural talent for heroics.

  18. Im also confused about something. Since he can create endless sand how come he cant just push the water out? Also he was able to drain water from luffys body. How cant he do that on himself ?????

  19. People defending the massive power spike he got on Impel Down and Marineford is peak One Piece copium

    May I remind you that Gearless Luffy beat him, and his bounty was a measly 100 million berries (a lot at the time, but nothing at this point), it took the entire straw hat crew to take down a single Pacifista, and they were tired after the fight, after the TS Luffy can one-shot them, and Crocodile was clashing with fucking Mihawk and Doflamingo

  20. There’s no way I’ll believe Crocodile as a serious threat after a pre second gear Luffy straight out of the East Blue ruined his entire operation and literally washed him. He’s the Smoker of pirates. Only strong because of the base qualities and powers of logia fruits.

  21. Do we even know if he can haki? I felt like his challenge against whitebeard would of just been him running into suicide

  22. crocodile lost to a pre gear 2 luffy, at the very least he was weaker than ur average red scabbard.

  23. I feel like people forget that he bodied everyone in Alabasta until the very end where Luffy managed to counter Croc’s logia with the single weakness it had pre-haki.

    He was a beast back then and the smartest villain up until possibly CP9’s infiltration, or Doflamingo.

  24. I head-canon it as Crocodile was using his Devil Fruit to drain the moisture from the atmosphere, country-wide, to cause the drought during the whole arc, and thats why his battle power is lower. Yes, I know they used Dance Powder. No, I don’t care. It raining country-wide the moment Crocodile was defeated just fits too well for me to care what actual canon is.