One piece mods be like

One piece mods be like

One piece mods be like

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  1. My girlfriend dyed an apron pink for me and embroidered it with Doscoi panda. It is sanji’s apron from the anime and she did a fantastic job making it. So I snapped a picture and uploaded to this sub. It was literally removed for being irrelevant. Bruh.

  2. Happened to me a few months ago. Posted some plain panels of different Emperor clashes and it got removed for low effort and then a few later some dude posts the exact same thing and it stayed. So infuriating.

  3. >A pic of a *lady* literally wearing a bikini and orange wig.

    This is a peak Nami cosplay and not at all a low effort content. I’ll allow it.

    – Mod, probably.

  4. Yes, u re definetly right. I have been hanging out with this sub maybe for more 3 years and i always felt like mods are unfair. they let a post and then they wont let a similar one and it gets deleted.


    thou, i dont like the mods here, still i think they re working hard.

  5. Bruh this literally happened to me 12 hours ago. Look at my recent post. I spent like 2 hours adding to an AI generated image and the mods removed it.

  6. Unpopular opinion: I fucking hate fanart and cosplays on this sub and wish they were all deleted

  7. Nami and Robin: people of culture wanna go on a date with all four of them, I mean both of them

  8. Everyday in this sub, we stray further from Go D. Usopp and Buggy D. Clown because of these dogshit moderators.

  9. /r/OnePiece users trying not to be the biggest bunch of cumbrains on Reddit challenge (impossible) (they are addicted to porn)

  10. Not gon lie, after reading the rules and seeing some of the post that have gotten taken down. They def deserved to be 😭😭 Y’all don’t follow the rules as well as you think you do