The one and only GOAT

The one and only GOAT

The one and only GOAT

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  1. Buggy is the One Piece confirmed.

    It’s over Luffy. The One Piece has been found. If only you had figured it out back in Orange Town… Literally let the One Piece slip past for fingers, and then again in Impel Down.

    For shame.

  2. I saw fanart of my mans blitzing burgess into a bunch of pieces with an awakened df

    That’s canon to me, man could solo the verse easily

  3. This is why Buggy shows no interest in the one piece. He knew it all along. He didn’t need to find the one piece. The real one piece was him all along.

  4. So Shanks planned it all along by scaring buggy into swallowing the devil fruit. Not to mention luffy eating his stolen DF.

  5. The whole world is really one piece but the previous user of buggys fruit awakened it and separated it into islands. In order for one piece to exist buggy must awaken his fruit and reassemble all of the world’s parts.