[1056] Important hidden detail about the geography of the One Piece world

[1056] Important hidden detail about the geography of the One Piece world

[1056] Important hidden detail about the geography of the One Piece world

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  1. But why is the West Blue to the right of the North Blue on the globe?

    EDIT: I did the big think, I got it now

  2. It has always been depicted that way. See below, from chapter 22.

  3. I was actually confused before but this explanation clear things up for me thanks.
    This also matches with the geocentric model in chapter 392 with red-line and dots of islands and grand line going at a angle. And the cross section that we see is Reverse Mountain.

  4. The redline and grand line form a gigant X with Mary Geoise in the middle, that’s why is called “The treasure of Mary Geoise”

  5. I thought this was obvious given the name of the seas being cardinal directions.

    North Blue on top of the planet. South Blue on the bottom. East Blue on the right. West Blue on the left.

    I never even considered it being the image on the left. It’s crazy to think that most people believe the world looks like the image on the left.

  6. This seemed pretty obvious to me given the orientation of the 4 regular seas. North Blue and South Blue being diagonal from one another clearly implies that the Grand Line is moving in a southeastern direction. The only way this wouldn’t be the case is if the regular seas weren’t all the same size.

  7. Makes sense why the east is the weakest because it is tied with smallest and not near the new world

  8. Reading this, I just realized that the 4 road porneglyphs won’t show a single spot on the globus, but the lines will intersect at two places, because it’s a globe…

  9. I knew the globe looked like that but seeing it as a map is really helpful, thanks!

  10. wow this is amazing!!!! it makes everything click sooooo much better thank you so much! i wonder if the islands’ seasons actually work better too with this. i gotta make a map of that

  11. It does make much more sense, makes North Blue actually North instead of an arbitrary distinction with East Blue.

  12. as soon as I saw that page in the manga I knew something could be interpreted from that, thanks for putting in the work. Cool how each cardinal sea really is accurate.

  13. great visuals , thanks for the contribution in a nicely put post , but I’m pretty sure this was commonly agreead upon ?

  14. Okay, but Oda said he’s ending the story in the next 5 years more less. So no time to explore the 2/3 of the New World.

  15. that’s nothing new. if it were a + shape the 4 seas wouldn’t be named after cardinal directions; they’d be the northeast , northwest , southeast, and southwest blues. with an X shape they’re the right directions.

  16. This is from the reverie arc: