Mine is Bon-chan. One can only wish.

Mine is Bon-chan. One can only wish.

Mine is Bon-chan. One can only wish.

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  1. If the Strawhats were full of diplomats who are political geniuses, Vivi.


    Because they’re fighters who are often in dangerous situations(and they already have a female who’s a regular human) Bon Clay would be way better fit and more useful.

  2. Bon clay, not sure what vivi can bring to SHs at this point other than being a queen to an ancient kingdom..

    So is bon clay

  3. Didn’t realize wanting Vivi on the crew was so unpopular. Bentham is great and all, but Vivi has far more depth and chemistry with the crew as a whole. Bon Clay and Luffy have a great connection because of Impel Down, but for the rest they knew Bon Clay for a few hours at the absolute most. I like Law the most, but doesn’t mean he should be on the crew. I do think Vivi’s skill as a diplomat is something they lack, although Bon Clay’s espionage would also be valuable. As a fighter, unless there was serious off screen growth it’s unlikely Vivi could hold up in the New World, although her peacock slashers + Karoo would be pretty unique. Bon Clay is an alternative to Sanji but would be a lot weaker and in need of haki to be relevant; even the espionage aspect is somewhat fulfilled by him or Robin (obviously not as well). Not sure what dream Bon Clay would have that would align with the crew, Vivi’s dream could be revived if the World Government threatened Alabasta and she’s forced to leave her kingdom (which is possible). More likely neither are joining the crew but will come to play in assisting the Strawhats in the final war.

  4. someone plz correct me if im wrong but Isn’t Vivi already technically a member of the crew? lmao

  5. Vivi I really miss her.
    Sorry Bon-chan. I just think he is happier in drag queen paradise than with the crew

  6. Vivi mainly because both her and the crew wish that they can travel together, while Bon is a true Nakama we don’t really know what Bon wants to do with his own life? He is a really supportive friend to Luffy, but does he want to join Luffy on his journey, or do his own thing? Like maybe go atone for his crimes he committed while he was number two.

  7. I mean… It’s Vivi. No offense to Bon Clay but I’ve been wanting Vivi to be a straw hat for literally like 900 chapters

  8. People saying Vivi wouldn’t contribute anything need to realise that if she did actually join, she’d almost certainly get her own climatact type power up to fight better

  9. Vivi. I don’t care if she’s not a fighter. I love her and still fondly remember the alabasta arc. I still cry at the end of it to this day. She is just such a memorable character for me and I want to see her reunion with the crew so badly.

  10. Vivi. Yes, Bon Clay would be more “useful”, but I don’t think that’s the metric that Luffy uses. His crew members grow and become useful because they are close and believe in each other, not the other way around. Now both Bon Clay and Vivi are friends of Luffy, but… the bond between them and Vivi is already that much closer. She already *was* a crew member, more or less, but Bon Clay never was.

  11. Gonna have to go with Vivi, but mostly for nostalgia: kid me was so disappointed when she didn’t join at the end of alabasta, she seemed like such a natural fit for the crew.

  12. Vivi. She fits in way better with the crew. And she already is a member (technically). Also she would be able to fill in a role, while Bon would have no real role. As a diplomat she could very well be in charge of keeping in touch with allied forces aswell as keep an eye on enemy forces + negotiate before battles.
    I still put my bets on Yamato, Carrot and Vivi all joining the Crew. Then we would have 4 mates from East Blue, 4 from Paradise and 4 from New World.

  13. Bon chan for sure. Has more potential to help the crew out.
    P.s Vivi might be useful too but not as much

  14. As much as I love Bon chan, Vivi-chwaan is my pick. Because, I’m a slave of love….

    Jokes aside, other than greedy Nami and scary Robin… a kind hearted Vivi-sama would make everyone’s day better by givingeveryone that extra bit of care.